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And Florida just finished counting, and Gov. Scott thinks he did the right thing in cutting early voting and making people wait for 8 hours to vote. All of this while county election officials are crying as they publicly apologize to Floridians. At least this election didn't rest on Florida.
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I'm still following the post-election aftermath. The fact that republicans are seriously this shocked that Romney didn't win is parts hilarious and sad. The fact that their isolating bubble is so firm that nothing of reality got through leaves me scratching my head.

I watched the recap of Karl Rove's meltdown on election night and that is just WOW, he has a lot of million and billionaires to answer too. Reports estimate that republican fatcats spend upwards of 1.5 billion dollars to buy the election.

On a side not Nate Silver is truly as Jon stewart calls him "lord and god of the algorithm." I'm seriously considering checking out his book.

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People are celebrating in interesting ways. In virginia people are randomly hugging each other and dancing in the street. The commuters on my MARC train have already broken out the booze and are toasting everything Obama related loudly and cheerfully. I have seen more smiles today on the street then I can remember. There are no newspapers left anywhere. It's like everyone is breathed a collective sigh of relief and then yelled. LET'S PARTY!!!

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So apparently a lot of republicans have taken to social media to proclaim they are moving to other countries in the face of four more years of awesomeness.

It's nice to see that the republican base is really taking Romney's message of self-deportation to heart.

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