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I'm making an effort to declutter my library and make it more of a library/maker space and I realized I have a lot of fanzines. I need to do a complete inventory of them and have a sale. I have a huge amount of sentinel and K/S zines but I have a some in other fandoms like Smallville, Due South and Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. But the number I have I taking up a lot ofspace and there are only a few that I reread because I enjoyed them so much.
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Leaving the state department book sale. I brought a book that is older then america. You just don't know how big my shit-eating grin is.

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Some people cope with a bad week by going to the bar, I go to the bookstore. This week has been madness and i have spent my evenings surrounded by my home library trying to destress and take comfort in the written word. Right now i'm trying to decide between 3 authors i really like and slowly letting the crazy of this week float away from me.
On the plus side i had fun heckling 50 shades or grey with 2 other store patrons. It's gratifying to know that others share my horror at this bit of literary blasphemy.

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I am deep in the trenches of novel writing and am feeling pretty good about my results. Out of all the projects I've had over the years in writing/editing that feeling where the words are coming together to say on paper the picture in your head to perfect clarity never gets old.

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So everyone knows about the nuclear strike that is's new policy on adult content thanks to the plucky people on twitter who let the cat out of the bag.

Apparently, though Amazon is trying to put the cat back in, how you ask? By massaging reality and saying " we don't have  a new policy we have a glitch in the system".  Almost all of us could have come up with something better to shove down the throats of the masses then that. 

A lot of people are upset because a lot of LGBT books have had their rankings moved along with a lot of straight books as well (except it seems some of the bigger named authors).  This was the dumbest move they could have made becasue I'll be honest I've brought lot of Yaoi graphic novels and gay romance from Amazon.  It's easier to find titles through them then trolling through brick & mortar bookstores in your town.  I'm interested in seeing what happens next but there seems to be quite a few people who've decided that may be the new place to go for their online book buying needs.
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I went the Library of Congress book festival this weekend and was able to see all or Neil Gaiman's talk. He was really amazing. There is supposed to be a webcast of it on the Library of Congress website but they haven't posted it yet. *sigh*

Sunday I ended up going to the Washington City Paper Craft bastards ats & craft fair. They had crafters a DJ, food and I got my hair trimmed on site with the proceeds going to a local AIDS charity. The used a squirt bottle to wet my hair for the cut and did a really good job. I also discover a new hair product Aveda Be Curly. Basically, you wash your hair like normal, towel dry, comb the product through your hair and go. When your hair dries its really curly and soft. The salon doing the cuts were also giving out cards for their shop which also has a full spa. A day of pampering would be nice.

I watched the debate on friday and well . . . Mccain was doing that new dance call the republican figet with a side of condescending smirk that really bugged me. I like how Obama was articulate and worked those bullet points when he asnwered questions.


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