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There are cookies afoot
and cakes on the ground floor
I beg thee sweet treats
no more, no more
Will i be tempted with your sweetness
or lush chocolate on my tongue
I will resist
and have absolutely

So Amanda brought cookies and shared them with a selected few. They weren't laid out in the break room but earlier I could see her organizing things at her desk with the tuperware of cookies and the anticipation started. They also just sent out a company-wide e-mail regarding cake. I am sitting at my desk drinking a little carton of Chocolate soymilk and being a good girl. I'm not normally an insane girl about desserts or chocolate. I like them but I'm not one of those people who needs something sweet, naughty and/or chocolatey everyday. Sometimes though, I get insane cravings for carbs and sweets that blow my healthy eating thing out of the water in a big way. Working at a place that is free with the sweet treats on a floor with a woman who could easily be called a baking goddess, no question, does not help at all.

When I overindulge I feel better about it when its avocadoes or stir-fried veggies in a really good sauce with some tofu mixed in. I try to make my sweet indulgences constructive (i.e., cookies but not huge cookies) but with V-day on the horizion I think things around here are just going to get worse.
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Okay, as you can see from the heading yes there is more cake in my office and it's another Amanda homemade creation. Me and few other co-workers were just talking yesterday about how food obsessed our office is, to break the week down for you:

Monday: store-brought Cake
Tuesday: Amanda homade cake
Wednesday: Cake in the lobby
Thursday: Buffet spread courtesy of Baha Fresh
Friday: even more cake

There has been cake here everyday except Thursday. Is this a conspiracy to tempt me over to the cake side of the force?
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This is the second day in a row that someone has brought cake to work. Only today is worse becasue it's an Amanda cake whereas yesterday's cake was a store-brought thing.

Why is an Amanda cake worse? Because Amanda has solved the mystery of baking moist flavorful cakes and making frosting that is sweet but not too sweet. Today's cake is a chocolate bundt cake with a rich chocolate frosting poured over it that's like a thin layer of fudge. I'm eating my lunch and drinking my Chocolate soy milk and desperately trying not to cave and grab fist fulls of cake completely forgetting that I am after all a civilized human being an not just some mammal who happens to wear pants.

I work in a department with a number of people on weight watchers and though I know Amanda is one of the nicest people imaginable who happens to have a big sweet tooth and blessed with a metabolism most women would claw each others eyes out for, sometimes I wonder is she doesn't secretly get a kick at trying to lead weight watcher members astray.
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There is cake on yvette's desk. How do I know this? I just got an inter-office email proclaiming this lovely information. I might contemplate the cake if it weren't for the fact that I was a little to zealous in my food choices at this weekends sheep & wool festival and it didn't occur to me until the weekend was done and over with that I could have packed a lunch or at least some healthy snacks so that I wouldn't eat too much of the bad stuff. But come on how often does funnel cake happen to you?

This is the part where usually I would be kicking myself but I've decided to learn from the experience for next time. Shoreleave 30 is coming up in July (David Hewlett will be their *squee*) and having my own snacks will not only save me money but time as well. Who wants to spend time questing for food when I can be arms deep in boxes of fanzines trying to scope out a good price on that due south zine I've been salivating over.


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