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i'm trying the 5:2 diet and today is my first day on the restricted calorie portion. my plan is to do multiple small meals throughout the day that i've already planned the night before so i can stay with the 500calorie limit for the restricted part of things.

the 5:2 diet is 5 normal meal days and 2 restricted calorie days (500 for women, 600 for men) the restricted days aren't meant to be back to back.

my work lunchbox has 300 calories in it (breakfast, lunch, snack) which includes:

2 cups berries
1 cup cucumbers
1/2 cup carrots
1 cup non-fat greek yogurt
1/2 cup salsa

so far i'm doing good. every thing is in finger food like portions so if i want to nibble i can. it's been a busy day at work so I haven't had time to focus on food overmuch.
i've been drinking unsweetened tea or water.

I took a baseline of my weight when i started on sunday and i'll see how i feel at the end of the week on whether this is something I want to try long-term.

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There have been some interesting information and conversations about being vegetarian on the internet and it makes me seriously consider starting a food blog. I've been thinking about this for a while and I have a lot of recipes and ideas on how to be veggie without breaking your bank that i think are practical and have been helpful to others veggie and non-veggie. I imagine the blog having recipes, shopping tips and op-eds on some of the things that can arise in being veggie.

I'm still thinking about it but mostly I imagine the blog being a friendly place for people who are veggie but aren't into the whole thing of you HAVE TO convince meat-eaters to change their flesh eating ways. There are a lot of cool blogs that don't do this but I've encountered a few that do and I figure, if i do a food blog, I'd like to be one of the cool ones.

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I've been taking in a lot of holiday recipes lately and trying to figure out what I could fix that would be tasty but not too bad for me. Then I realized that isn't remotely a reality, especially since I love fruitcake. I know I'm probably the only person you've ever met who loves the stuff but I do. The elderly lady who lived down the street from my grandparents when I was a kid made it at Christmas and hers' was the first time I had it and it was great. I don't like booze heavy fruit cake but there are so many different recipes for fruit cake that I have non-alcohol options.

I haven't made fruit cake in a few years so I think I'm going to this year. I got a whole cookbook of fruitcake recipes as a present years ago that I really like so I might make something from that.

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Easter fun

Apr. 8th, 2012 07:19 pm
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Having a very geeky conversation with my brother about technology, politics, and food production. The cool thing about family get-togethers is how geeky all of us are. At some point we'll be getting into a sci-fi discussion.

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My great-aunt is hosting Easter this year. I made pasta salad to contribute to the feeding frenzy that is my relatives at holiday meals. Right now and i'm at a pit stop at my grandfathers. My uncles making cabbage and he's setting a side a portion for me before he adds in the ham. It promises to be a interetsing easter dinner.

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I feel like I spend a lot of time talking about food here and fannish things but mostly food.  This occurred to me as I was about to make yet another post about . . . you guessed it food.  Sunday is a big cooking day for me.  I have a significant commute between where I work and where I live and the thing that helps me eat out less and eat healthy is to have a mega cooking day on the weekend.

If I have something on hand that doesn't take me long to prep before eating I'm less likely to eat out, which costs more money now with gas prices the way they are. I try to plan my major meals and snacks and pack everything up the night before.  I always feel like I look like I'm running away from home during my commute.

I've been having a lot of fun with new recipes.  This morning I had a carrot apple ginger smoothie for breakfast that was really good ( and very green due to spinach). While I was making it I thought about what character in the fandoms I follow would drink this?  Probably Captain America, from those Avengers trailers with the punching bags he looks like a guy would have a post-workout smoothie.
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I'm making my first post from my new phone. This is so much fun.

Right now i'm watching two fat ladies on the cooking channel and it really amazes me some of the dishes they would make on this show. Really hearty, country home cooking. Most of which i can't for various reasons but the time, effort and technique they use for preparing some of the meals showcased on the show is really amazing. I think i'm a pretty righteous cook but these ladies were awesome

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I'm making fat free mini donuts (muffins actually, no mini donut pan) and I think they came well despite using regular whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour. They're light and tasty and I hoping to pack them for breakfast this week. I'm also roasting vegetables today and making more of the homemade seitan from last week.

In my attempts eat healthier I'm trying to make more things ahead on sunday that I can pull from easily thoughout the week. Also, it keeps me from watching the news and being angry about all the bullshit the GOP has been doing across the country. I'm a Rachel maddow addict but even as much as I love watching her and her take on things it doesn't assuage the feeling that the world is slowly spinning down the drain. So my break from it all involves cooking, in particular, theraputic vegetable chopping. Sometimes it really helps thinking the squash I'm hacking up is Rick Santorum's head. I'm just sayin'

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I've been a vegetarian for 3 years.  I went the veggie girl route because I've always eaten more vegetables than meat and decided I should just cut it out all together.  I use a combination of meat substitutes to get my protein along with beans and legumes like tofu, veggie burgers/sausage and seitan.  I've generally brought the Westsoy brand but it's not a regular on my grocery list due to how pricey it is.  I've always thought about trying to make homemade seitan but some of the recipes I've found were intimidating between the cooking method and the quanitity of the completed recipe.  Until recently.  While cruising youtube I discovered the Heavy Metal vegan chef.  He cooks vegan dishes to heavy metal music for Satan who often pops in to say Hi.  Yeah, all the weird kids are on youtube, but you knew that already:-p

The recipe is "Seitan with Satan" and I made a batch of it today. I got all the ingredients on my weekly grocery run and prepped it while I made my favorite soup to put in containers for lunch this week.  I used the baked method in the "Wings of seitan" video.  As it cooked in the oven my house smelled like a blend of baking bread and soy sauce.  The result was very tasty especially with BBQ sauce.  It also tastes good with thai peanut sauce.

My house still smells really good and I now have a seitan recipe in my arsenal.

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My co-worker is in the process of eating a late breakfast. On the menu is ribs and coffee. Interesting combination that got me thinking about some of the more unique breakfasts I've had. My favorite leftovers for breakfast combo is the leftover rice from chinese takeout, reheated and drizzled with honey. It's a great sunday morning breakfast after a saturday of fun. I think overall my favorite leftovers for breakfast foods revolve around chinese takeout, somthing about the sweet, savory, salty blends in chinese food can really wake you up can comfort you at the same time.
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There are cookies afoot
and cakes on the ground floor
I beg thee sweet treats
no more, no more
Will i be tempted with your sweetness
or lush chocolate on my tongue
I will resist
and have absolutely

So Amanda brought cookies and shared them with a selected few. They weren't laid out in the break room but earlier I could see her organizing things at her desk with the tuperware of cookies and the anticipation started. They also just sent out a company-wide e-mail regarding cake. I am sitting at my desk drinking a little carton of Chocolate soymilk and being a good girl. I'm not normally an insane girl about desserts or chocolate. I like them but I'm not one of those people who needs something sweet, naughty and/or chocolatey everyday. Sometimes though, I get insane cravings for carbs and sweets that blow my healthy eating thing out of the water in a big way. Working at a place that is free with the sweet treats on a floor with a woman who could easily be called a baking goddess, no question, does not help at all.

When I overindulge I feel better about it when its avocadoes or stir-fried veggies in a really good sauce with some tofu mixed in. I try to make my sweet indulgences constructive (i.e., cookies but not huge cookies) but with V-day on the horizion I think things around here are just going to get worse.
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I've decided I want to have the discipline of an athlete. This all started because its cold an I want things to eat that are warm and filling. That usually equals comfort food. This week has been very carby based and I'm not happy about it. That is mainly because my usual fare isn't staying with me any length of time an the carby things do. I love fruit for breakfast because its tasty and quick but its cold and not as filling as of late.

I've decided to make a plan for next week, since I go grocery shopping on the weekend, to have meals that are warm, filling and are not insanely high in calories or fat. I also figure it'll be a good chance to fine tune my walking routine. I mentioned before how I don't like the treadmill but its an necessary evil and that I would rather go for a walk outside. Well, I'm going to learn to love the treadmill, to embrace it fully in my bosom and let its benefits rain down on me.

I have an idea for a walking routine with resistance band work thrown in that I can elevate slowly. The one thing I don't like about cold months is how hermit like I get. I found out I lost 3 pounds over the holidays and I really don't want to gain it or anymore weight because its cold and I really, really would rather stay in bed under the electric blanket with my cat all day. I figure if I treat it like I'm training for something, like a walkathon in spring or early summer I may stick to my objectives better.
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I'm not noticing much of a difference from the way I ate before which I guess I can credit to the time I put into phasing out meat and experimenting with food. It was always fun trying to make dishes that were colorful & tasty now its even moreso. Maybe the newness will wear off at some point down the pike but right now I'm having a blast.
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I'm scared of my tomatoes. They're grape tomatoes and the FDA says their safe and I ate some before the news about the salmonella broke but I'm still a bit nervous. And then I think of they haven't made me sick yet they aren't going to,plus these could be last tomatoes you get to eat for a long while. This is messing me up worse the the e. coli in the spinach. I have a deep love for all things tomato and I really don't want to be afraid to eat tomatoes or tomatoe based products. I guess I can finally get around to trying tomatilloes.
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In my efforts to stick it to the man I decided to walk to the train on friday despite the fact that it was raining. I'm now regreting that decision as yes I did get the exeercise I wanted in and saved money on gas; However, I am now fighting a cold that is trying to invade my system. But I am determined to press onward.

For the past 2 months I've been really getting it together as far as eating better and getting exercise and I'm seeing the results of itwhich just makes me more enthused about what I'm doing. The cake fairy hasn't even been to my office in the last week.
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Okay, as you can see from the heading yes there is more cake in my office and it's another Amanda homemade creation. Me and few other co-workers were just talking yesterday about how food obsessed our office is, to break the week down for you:

Monday: store-brought Cake
Tuesday: Amanda homade cake
Wednesday: Cake in the lobby
Thursday: Buffet spread courtesy of Baha Fresh
Friday: even more cake

There has been cake here everyday except Thursday. Is this a conspiracy to tempt me over to the cake side of the force?
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This is the second day in a row that someone has brought cake to work. Only today is worse becasue it's an Amanda cake whereas yesterday's cake was a store-brought thing.

Why is an Amanda cake worse? Because Amanda has solved the mystery of baking moist flavorful cakes and making frosting that is sweet but not too sweet. Today's cake is a chocolate bundt cake with a rich chocolate frosting poured over it that's like a thin layer of fudge. I'm eating my lunch and drinking my Chocolate soy milk and desperately trying not to cave and grab fist fulls of cake completely forgetting that I am after all a civilized human being an not just some mammal who happens to wear pants.

I work in a department with a number of people on weight watchers and though I know Amanda is one of the nicest people imaginable who happens to have a big sweet tooth and blessed with a metabolism most women would claw each others eyes out for, sometimes I wonder is she doesn't secretly get a kick at trying to lead weight watcher members astray.
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There is cake on yvette's desk. How do I know this? I just got an inter-office email proclaiming this lovely information. I might contemplate the cake if it weren't for the fact that I was a little to zealous in my food choices at this weekends sheep & wool festival and it didn't occur to me until the weekend was done and over with that I could have packed a lunch or at least some healthy snacks so that I wouldn't eat too much of the bad stuff. But come on how often does funnel cake happen to you?

This is the part where usually I would be kicking myself but I've decided to learn from the experience for next time. Shoreleave 30 is coming up in July (David Hewlett will be their *squee*) and having my own snacks will not only save me money but time as well. Who wants to spend time questing for food when I can be arms deep in boxes of fanzines trying to scope out a good price on that due south zine I've been salivating over.
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There are days where I feel like all I think about is food. Not just like junk food but ingredients, equipment and expanding my already huge collection of cookbooks. I love making up my own recipes and keep them neatly in a notebook. I even have multiple recipes for the same dish. I mean who has 3 recipes for Pumpkin soup, I do.

I grew up on a diet of Public Television an loved watching the cook shows, especially the Frugal Gourmet and Julia Child. You have no idea how happy I was when the Food Network went on air. I lust after Anthony Bourdain, am addicted to Iron Chef (octopus battle best ever)& Iron Chef America and Alton Brown is a god among men for the fact that he has a show with food and geeky factoids that satisfies me on every level.

So why am I having issues, right now I'm on a diet. The thing is I refuse to to all that insane substituting, that most people do. I mean, sugar-free maple syrup is a crime against nature. I've been accused of being a hippy by a lot of people over the years but are people really that chained to their junk food?

What irks me is all these diet programs that promise you can eat all the junk you want and still lose weight. It's not realistic. The list of things I don't eat is a really short one: liver & cooked peas. Do people really eat that much junk food on a daily basis that they'll be willing to eat that horrible tasting chocolate cake from the Weight Watchers section of the Applebee's menu. My mother ordered it out of curiosity and spit out the first bit, it wasn't pretty.

I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mainly because junk food didn't really exist in my house growing up. I also love cooking a good cut of beef. I feel like I already have a good foundation food-wise and need to be more active. I would rather have a good piece of chocolate cake once in a blue moon then eat some horrid tasting diet thing regularly and talk myself into thinking it's good and that splenda is a gift from god. If your going to eat real junk food I say do it right, use real sugar, eggs and cream dammit!

The first thing I do when I feel like I'm getting into any kind food rut is turn to my cookbooks to get me excited about all the things I could be making that are fun and in this case, good for me. Being on a diet hasn't been a problem so far,in fact its benefiting me in ways I hadn't thought it would. I plan things more before I grocery shop but that also helps my wallet get a little fat in saving money while try to shed a few pounds. I've discovered a few new ingredients I want to experiment with and I am currently worshiping at the alter of the asian market in my area that has lot of great fresh produce for half the price of what you find in the chain supermarkets.

So in the end I'm eating right, watching my portions, and trying to get more exercise. I don't need false promises about all the stuff I can eat or eat crappy low-fat, fat-free or sugar-free food to do it. I think building self-control is a lot better then looking for loop holes.

I'll get down off my soapbox now.


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