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So I am deep in the thick of the grad school shuffle, but not so deep that I haven't been able to take time an enjoy Glee.  The show is a nice little mini vacation from all the writing and research.  What has really made things easier is my new nookcolor *happy sigh*  I love this thing so freaking much.  I can full on study anywhere at the drop of a hat.  All my aritcles are in one place and the case I got for it comes with a wrting pad, pen and zip pocket so I can also take notes.

This is my last term then graduation but I'm so happy and geeking out its kind of flying by.  I hoping to lock into some research paper work for peer review journals after graduation but right now I'm in academic fangirl central.
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The first day of the new year is exciting.  I don't believe in new year's resolutions, instead I like To DO lists.  Right now a bulk of my list revolves around home improvement and launching possible writing projects.

The list will be fine tuned over the next few days.  In the immediate though my main focus is finishing school.  I'm in my last semester and it's both exciting and nerve racking. I'm having an awesome time geeking out over all the stuff I get to research and all the time I get to soend in the library s it balances out.
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Some days all you can do is nod and be supportive when you observe people getting put through the ringer. The latest work drama is my boss rearing his micromanaging head on my co-worker. He can be cool but some days he's quite an effort.  On the plus side working with zombies for neighbors is cold living but somehow I'm hanging in. 

I just finished my 5th semster of grad school and I got a perfect 100% on my Gender Psychology final *squee*.  Next semster will be my last before getting my Master's and I'm excited but nervous.  I have capstone which is like a thesis but not and I'm spending some time fleshing out my idea before the new semster starts.  I'm having fun with leisure reading and crochet so that I'm well reseted for the new semster. but the idea I have for my capstone project I think is going to be awesome.
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I'm making up a new reading list of art books and classics I really want to read and just geek out over.  I'm building the list from the syllabus of a degree program at the University I work for and am just quivering with anticipation at being able to dive in and read some of these titles.

Speaking of school, this semester is not as intense as last semester and the work is interesting an going well.
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Life and grad school have been kicking me in the pants as of late. But this is the last week of school and I will be free until the next scholastic mission. Life . . . well It's not loving me as much as I think I deserve to be loved, but then I'm a little bias on what I do and don't deserve. But then aren't we all just a touch.

Some Fannish moments that were interesting to me during my insane hiatus from LJ:
  • I tried watching Desperate Housewives for a Captian Jack fix but I just couldn't sit through all the tack for 30 seconds of John Barrowman deliciousness. Oh well, there's Youtube.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler's new hair cut on Criminal Minds *happy sigh*
  • Supernatural's fifth season. There is a reason I adore Jensen ackles as an actor, he is amazing.
  • New Dr. Who. I love Matthew Smith as 11.
  • David Tennant's Hamlet. I watched it a crazy number of times back to back. I mean Captian Picard & Dr. Who doing Shakespeare *squee*
  • NCIS: LA.  I seriously need some slash for Callen/Sam.
  • MIsha Collins & his tweets.  This man is funny and smart and makes me want to look into cloning so there can be more of him.
Its hot and all the shows are wrapping up for their season finales. What am I going to do with a summer of reruns in front of me.

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This week I decided my personal theme was going to be time management and I think I've done a good job of being smart with my time and all the goals I set for myself this week in using it effectively.

I'm deep into my 2nd quarter of grad school (well the 2nd week anyway) and I'm still feeling confident. I'm also in the midst of life as a freelance writer/editor, while I hunt down the illusive full-time job. The interesting thing about being in hgrad school and freelancing is that I now live in libraries. The librarians should just give me a cot in the storage closet I'm there so much. It's the best place to go for my school work but also to research articles. The other thing is between school and freelancing I've been doing a ton of writing and that's a good feeling too. The last few years my fiction writing has taken a bit of a back seat to my nonfiction work and the cool thing about now is that I've been able to attack my fiction writing with fresh eyes and its really exciting.

It doesn't really feel like christmas for me this year. I just noticed the other day that someone had lights in their trees outside. I've seen christmas lights and those inflated christmas decorations (although deflated they make a yard look like a war zone) but they haven't really registered to me until I saw the tiny blue lights peeking out of those trees.
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Well the final project is done and sent of and the grade for it is back and now we are on to my final exam which I have to say is just as weird as the midterm. My teacher can be best described as "neo-hippy, witch doctor punk" (sentinel shout out) but in the bad way not the good blair sandburg way at all.

I meditate, I'm a vegetarian and I've even done some yoga in my day. If we're good friends I will join you in holding crystals and chanting because I totally support my peeps. But there is a time for getting your zen on and recognizing that other people might be feeling the oneness of the universe, that your talk about the starry-eyed dynamo might be out of place.

I'm not one of those veggie girls who tells ever meat eater she knows that they're evil. My BFF is currently in a torrid love affiar with bacon cheeseburgers. I could care less. I don't preach the wonders of meditation. I've been doing it since I was 16, I like it, it works for me, big deal. Just because your class is a captive audience doesn't mean you can take advantage of it with midterms and finals that are as follows:

Question: Have you told your support system thank you for helping you to fulfill your dreams and encouraging you.
Answer: I’m checking in and doing well, my support system knows how much I appreciate them.

I am not making this up I swear. I wrote a lot of good papers for this class, the readings were awesome and make me excited to head into next semester but give me a real midterm a real final. Test me dammit don't piss me off. Don't give me crap about how you feel about the "learning" is more important then the grade. That makes me nervous, especially when I worked hard to learn and get a good grade.

It'll be over soon, very soon.
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Grad school is going awesome.  I've got a few more weeks til the semsters over and am finding out what my course options are for next semster. Going back to school is the best thing ever.  I've missed the whole feel of it.  Books are great and call me a big dork but I love writing papers.

This thursday is my birthday and I will have a new episode of Supernatural as a present. Not really but I love the idea of enjoying a new epi on my birthday.  I am loving this season being able to watch good, hot actors on a well-written show is a thing of beauty. *sigh*

I still haven't decided what to get myself for a present yet or whether I should be practical or have a little fun in picking myself out something.
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 So I’m sitting at my desk right now trying to look busy even though I don’t have anything to.  I’m reading my article that I have for a paper due for class while I randomly type things in the hopes that I look busy for anyone who passes by.  I can’t sit and read because the sound of keys tapping is a sign of productivity, even if the taping isn’t producing anything the company will feel is work merit.

Grad school is so much fun.  I know that makes me a big dork but I’m just ODing on the happy I feel from going back to school.

In tribute to my love of all things Dean Winchester I have been listing to a lot of Zeppelin other lovely compositions of 70’s classic rock.  Last night was really good episode; Paris Hilton was pretty funny and seeing Paul Mcgillion was also a sweet treat.  No Castiel this week.  If you don’t follow Misha Collins on Twitter you really should, he is insanely funny.


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