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If I had to be stuck on a desert island what CD's would I want with me? We've all been asked variations of this question and my answer changes a bit depending on a) what i'm listening to and b) how the question is phrased. If I could take the entire discography of my 3 favorite artists it would be:

Led Zeppelin
Johnny Cash
Henry Rollins (Music & Spoken word)

After that would be (in no particular order):
Nine Inch Nails
Tori Amos
Jeff Buckley
Ani Difranco
Rufus Wainwright
Pink Floyd

I heard the latest in the music industry is that iTunes will be lowering some of the song prices to as low as .69 cents. Hopefully it's for a few artists I like because who like getting good music cheap.
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I spent New year's eve at my best friend S's house watching Henry Rollins on dvd and crocheting. It was a great time. As of New Year's Day I am officially a vegetarian. I've been working toward it for most of 2008 by reading the books and trying different foods and phasing out the small amount of meat in my diet. I'm doing it for some grand, sweeping, petaesque reasoning I simply love vegetables alot and since I was was what you'd call semi-vegetarian already I figure why not just do it full out.

I've made my 2009 To Do List. I don't do resolutions because the weight of expectation the word has makes most people buckle. I like the idea of having specific detailed goals and completeing them one by one.

Onto Fannish things: Stargate Atlantis was awesome and it makes me pissed off knowing that I have one episode left before its over. BSG coming back has me on the edge of my seat. CKR is god an I will worship at his alter often and daily
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This holiday season has been . . . well pretty crazy. I have a list of presents that I am giving myself this holiday season including the development of my home entertainment center which I am calling the "Wall of Sound". Get the CD's and DVD's together and the sound system up and running so I can have my tunes at the touch of a button. Don't worry I'm working on presents for other people too.

This is part of the cascading effect the being immersed in Henry Rollins has on me. I'm pulling out sorts of music fom my collection and loading them onto my ipod. I'm revisiting my love for Trent reznor (thigh muscles that god built *sigh*) and just surrounding myself with all things musical even my own songwriting endeavours.

My love for Rahm Emanuel, our Joint Chief of BAMF, has lead to me watching the news every night. I'm watching Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. The more I watch Keith Olberman the hotter he becomes. Rachel Maddow is sharp and just all kinds of cool and of course Anderson cooper is just fabulous and spot on in his news coverage. Have you noticed the CNN has like a harem of silver foxes as news anchors?
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I feel like a slacker for taking this week to not write and recharge my batteries. I know I'm not but time away from the writing process makes me feel like I'm dropping the ball in a big way.

I got and invite to LinkedIn thhis week from a freelancer who I had to do edits for at work. It was a pretty cool thing of her to do and he got me thinking about my own dreams of freelancing and thus achieveing the goal of self-employment. Doing the boss thing only works when you have a cool boss, otherwise torture.

I have decided that I need a Henry Rollins Christmas. I am cruiseing amazon and adding things to my wishlist for people to get me as gifts and am having a blast with it. I am also sharing my dreams of a Henry Rollins Christmas with my best friend. I'm giving her a book called "The First Five" which is a compilation of Henry's earlier writings. It's pretty cool but like a silly I brought a copy of it when I already had one at home. Sometimes all things Henry just blind me like staring into the sun.
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I said I was going to take a week off from writing as a gift to myself for finishing Nano but the rest of me really wants to keep going. its like I have this fear that time away from the words will equal overthinking which will equal a halt in the flow of creative juices. But I'm still kind of fried from Nano. The mind is willing but the flesh is a bit week. So I've decided to go to the one place that kicks my ass on an inspiration level, Henry Rollins.

Part of my celebrations was treating myself to a nice lunch on Sunday and then a book from border. The book I bought is "A Dull Roar" by Henry Rollins. Its journal entries from a 5 month period in 2006 where he and the orginal Rollins band line up got together and did some shows but also his personal commentary on his life and interactions.

This is a man I adore the same way I adore John Barrowman in that they are doing exactly what they want with their lives and are making no apologies. I have this addiction to self-expression that takes a lot of forms and when I see it other people I enjoy it immensely.

Henry is my literary inspiration. Reading his work always puts me in this place of getting to the grit of a thing. Its like someone whispering in my ear, "Cut the crap and write, you know what you want to say" or the coach pumping you up before you go out to play the game and some days I really need that.


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