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I haven't had the chance to post about this because I've been in shock, then at shore leave but apparently Peter Wingfield (Methos) is retiring from acting to go back to medical school. According to the WingfieldNews, Peter will still do conventions and such and thanks his fans for all the support they have given him throughout his career. Most fans already know that he left university to pursue acting when he had almost completed coursework for his medical degree when he was younger.

Part of me is really happy for him in going after his dreams but sad I won't get to see his awesomeness on screen anymore. He's got a guess spot on the new show "Alphas" and a few other things before we get no more new goodies from him acting wise.

I think I'm going to go home tonight and have a Higlander marathon.
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Okay, Peter wingfield on Sanctuary was like the bestest, loveliest little surprise I could have imagined in these depressing final times of SGA. Its going to be hard filling the void that Stargate is leaving in the part of my soul dedicated to Scifi. And damn the hair, mustache the whole outfit including the thing that looks like victorian era fetish gear just works for me on all kinds of levels. He's one of my scifi gods whose still looking as hot as the first time he graced my tv screen. The other one is obviously Richard Burgi because hello! that body is psycho insane cut.

Why doesn't this man have his own show? He's awesome, methos was one of the coolest characters to hit scifi an in turn fandom ever. He's like the little black dress of crossover fic. I know people who never watched Highlander but they know about methos. Could you imagine anyone else playing that character the Peter Wingfield did? No, because just thinking about it will break your brain. Maybe I should start a campaign like "Give Peter Wingfield a show damn it" with online petitions and ads in variety. There was a cool article a few years back about how he was the quentissential everyman of scifi with the cross section of roles he's played and how well he's played them.

With the exodus of SGA the is a power vacuum in the scifi tv universe and someone has to fill the void. Why not a show with an actor that has a nice cross section of fans from across said universe?

If I were casting a show it would be the who's who of fandom's greatest It'll make for great fanfiction potential, especially in crossovers.

Peter wingfield would be my male lead (Naturally) and I don't know what everyone else would be doing but here's would I would want gracing the screen:

Gina Torres (kick ass female lead)
Katee Sackoff (villian, she was the best thing about the bionic woman revamp and she was the guest star)
Stephanie Romanov (we need more fierceness in this cast)
Callum Keith Rennie
Nathan Fillion (potential love interest of peter's character?)
Ben Browder & Christian Kane (can't have to many sexy drawls can we)

We'll need some young wipper-snapers to round things out so here's a few:
Ian somerhalder
Michael Rosenbaum (he can be clyde to Katee's Bonnie or Stephanie's boytoy, I can't decide)
Summer Glau (she just rocks)
Amber Benson
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I'm sticking it to THE MAN! How you ask? By walking. Rising gas prices worry and so are the rising prices in food. So to combat the gas costs I've decide to walk to commuter train station instead of drive there. I ride the MARC train daily into downtown to catch the subway to work. The MARC station is a 30 minute walk from my house and I figure walking to the station will get me in shape and save me money. Money which I can but away for a rainy day (it feels like there will be a lot of those on the horizon). Today was the first day of walking to the station and I made good time and got to work 15 minutes early.

I've been on the treadmill and walking in the nearby park at lunch time and counting my steps with a pedometer pretty consistently for the last month and the one thing I noticed lately is a constant soreness in the froni part of my lower legs. I figure its because I haven't been wearing the right tennis shoes everytime I go on long walks and not stretching. I've been working on it because I don't want to accidently injure myself.

On a side note has anyone checked out the latest issue of Time Magazine? The headline is "There can be only one" with a split picture of hillary & obama. My first thought was Time magazine editors watch Highlander? and the second was of Hillary and Obama battling it out with swords for the prize. If you think about it though the presidential race does have some strong HIghlander parallels.


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