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This week I decided my personal theme was going to be time management and I think I've done a good job of being smart with my time and all the goals I set for myself this week in using it effectively.

I'm deep into my 2nd quarter of grad school (well the 2nd week anyway) and I'm still feeling confident. I'm also in the midst of life as a freelance writer/editor, while I hunt down the illusive full-time job. The interesting thing about being in hgrad school and freelancing is that I now live in libraries. The librarians should just give me a cot in the storage closet I'm there so much. It's the best place to go for my school work but also to research articles. The other thing is between school and freelancing I've been doing a ton of writing and that's a good feeling too. The last few years my fiction writing has taken a bit of a back seat to my nonfiction work and the cool thing about now is that I've been able to attack my fiction writing with fresh eyes and its really exciting.

It doesn't really feel like christmas for me this year. I just noticed the other day that someone had lights in their trees outside. I've seen christmas lights and those inflated christmas decorations (although deflated they make a yard look like a war zone) but they haven't really registered to me until I saw the tiny blue lights peeking out of those trees.
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I'm still job hunting and getting a little nervous. I'm working on some freelance opportunities that I feel good about. Money-wise, it's not going to be huge but I'll get paid and have something to add to the old resume. In meantime I'm applying for 9 to 5 jobs hard and heavy but honestly I'm a little surprised at how daunting things are.

I can honestly say job hunting wise I have been spoiled. I've never really had to place a lot of resumes and I'm the killer queen of interviews. I plan job hunting like a general going into battle. My preparation for job hunting is insane (and inspired by Sun Tzu) but its always worked for me. I know I interview better in the morning then the afternoon and I always research the company before walking in the doors. There are other ways I prep but I'd look even more crazy then I already do.

The reason I'm nervous is because I have yet to show off my interview skills, Its only been 3 weeks and I know most everyone who has a job available is probably wading through triple the amount of resumes they would normally have.

I'm trying to be patient but its hard, the freelance gigs and wrapping things up with my first semester of school are helping me to not go stir-crazy.
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The Job hunting quest went a little pear-shaped but ended with good results.  I took some time off last week to do doctor's appointments and got a interview and a university in one of their divisions.  I return to work on monday and find out I was being let go (departmentally downsized) and get a call on tuesday from the university I interviewed with offering me a job.

Thirdgirl is in awe since I was unemployed for only about 24 hours and I only applied to my two top job choices when I started looking for new employment.

I don't start work until the end of the month and I still have pay checks coming in so its like I'm on a paid vacation, which has been really nice.  The best thing, no more insane commute so I can get home at a decent hour and not have to wake up crazy early to go to work.

The time at home will be nice to do some home improvements and just recharge my batteries before heading off into my big new adventure.

I also have time to get some sewing in.  I want to make a few things as part of my new job wardrobe.  I'm having a good time though I think my being here during the day is confusing thhe kitty.
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In just got a call back from the first place I applied to.  I have an interview with the person I could be potentially working under on tuesday.  I'm so excited. If this pans out my new job will be about a 25 minute drive from my house.  I cold have a life after work!!!

Cross you fingers for fingers for me.
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Life has been interesting and a bit quiet lately.  I'm looking forward to the new season of Torchwood in July,and have been rewatching my Penn & Teller Bullsh*t dvds when I'm not watching the the news trinity of Olbermann, Maddow & Copper at night. The big thing that I've decided is that I need a new job badly.  So I'm job hunting and the idea of change feels pretty good.  I'm hoping the new job will be without the insane commute I already have.

I found this interesting little piece in my internet wanderings:

This is the sort of letter you don't want to get from a prospective employer.


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