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So back in August the supply line of my upstairs bathroom broke and caused a flood that did some damage. The end result was my redoing the flooring of the first floor of my house pulling up the carpet and having to redrywall the kitchen ceiling. Insurance didn't pay out nearly as much as I had hoped but I know my way around drywall and joint compond like you wouldn't believe.

As a result of replacing the floor I got rid of my old couch, this weekend I got a new one along with an oven and over the range microwave from sears. The oven died two weeks ago. It's llike it could sense my income tax return check on the horizon. Even with me looking up what I wanted before going to the stores warranties, removal fees permits and delivery fees add up. I'm happy with my choices I just have this adversion to spending so much at one time.
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So I was thinking about redoing my application for demand studios. I was an interesting writing side job but back at the end of 2011 they reconfigured how they hire and generate content because of a google re-calibration smackdown.  I still have access to my old stuff but i'm on the fence about going back under the new system.

This leads up to what I was doing today which was looking at my old articles and the comments from the editors. The editors of demand are . . . snarky and a little unprofessional. I think this comes from the fact you don't know who is editing you and they don't know you either.  As an editor myself when I send back critiques/changes to writers I'm generally clear and polite and I don't leave a writer with parting shots on their work once a project was complete.  

I thought with the holidays on the horizon some extra cash might due me good but I don't know if I want the demand studio headache, especially since the pay is they same but under the new system the hoops you jump through are a little greater.
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So the House veteod the bailout bill, the Dow dropped bigtineyesterday and apparently the House Vetoing the bailout is making things bad for McCain. The irony of the last item is that most of the vetoing votes came from republicans.

Citigroup brought out Wachovia according to todays paper and my question is if these finanacial institutions need money from the government to become stable again were are they getting the money to buy out banks and investment firms? I'm starting to think that keeping your money in your mattress is worth serious consideration.

I'm still trying to figure out how deeply this will effect me. Food and gass have gone up but that was before the stock market tanked; Now I have to worry about my 401k and yeah I'm young enough to to still salvage some semblance of a decent retirement if I think really hard and do some creative accounting and figure out new ways to save money that don't involve investments (again money in the mattress is seriously looking good).


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