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Apparently, the year I decided to come back to otakon is the year with their largest turn out ever because of the two j-pop guest performing.I'm currently in a line that is wrapped aroung the neighboring arena waiting to be seated for t.m. revolution.

it is very hot buI'm keeping cool in my spiffy new transformers T-shirt with optimus prime on it.

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This is just the most glorious piece of music, although I think all of Woodkid's stuff is amazing. I am so buying this album when it comes out.
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I've been without power since friday. Tonight i decide to crank up my old boombox and cassette put in a the cure cassette i got at a flea market a month ago. My radio shack cassette/cd boombox hasn't failed. me ever. I always end up playing classic rock or music from my the 80's/90's on this thing when the power is out. When hurricane irene i was blasting david bowie andand peter gabriel. This time it's going to be the flea market cassette collection includes 10,0000 maniacs, R.E.M., and the violet femmes.

Anything that helps me to keep from plotting a revolt against the people with the loud generator in the house behind mine or the folks who have power across the street while i text this by flashlight is a good plan IMHO.

At least a tree didn't fall on or to close to my house this time. Though my neighbor's tree acrosts the street did get struck by lightening.
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So everyone who knows me knows of my music addiction, right? well my new co-worker tuned me onto and now I spend my days doing work and building playlists to listen to.  So far I'm working my own personal playlist, stuff from the 80s and I just started a Jack Harkness playlist.  Of course the next one will be Ianto, but goodness the fannish implications for this are endless.  It's like taking the playlists I build on my ipod and sharing them.

I am such a dork!!
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 So I’m sitting at my desk right now trying to look busy even though I don’t have anything to.  I’m reading my article that I have for a paper due for class while I randomly type things in the hopes that I look busy for anyone who passes by.  I can’t sit and read because the sound of keys tapping is a sign of productivity, even if the taping isn’t producing anything the company will feel is work merit.

Grad school is so much fun.  I know that makes me a big dork but I’m just ODing on the happy I feel from going back to school.

In tribute to my love of all things Dean Winchester I have been listing to a lot of Zeppelin other lovely compositions of 70’s classic rock.  Last night was really good episode; Paris Hilton was pretty funny and seeing Paul Mcgillion was also a sweet treat.  No Castiel this week.  If you don’t follow Misha Collins on Twitter you really should, he is insanely funny.

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S send me a text message about her misadvetures in Target last night. A guy stuffs a CD down his pants an as the guy tries to leave the store, like a surgical strike security swarms in and gets him. The CD the guy had down his pants, Jack Johnson's latest.

Now don't get me wrong Jack Johnson isn't bad. His stuff has a kind of mellow, lightness to it that well put together its just I'm not always on that musical page. Most of the time I like music that as Henry Rollins would say makes me "Want to fuck on the floor and break shit" not that I need everything I listen to create that reaction in me but I like music that just hits my emotional triggers strongly be it happy, sad or thoughtful.

So if I was going to jail as a thief of music it wouldn't be for stealing Jack Johnson. I'd be stealing Johnny Cash, Zeppelin and a host of others. Because as I told S if you have to go to jail for stealing music make sure its balls to the wall good. Steal some Ted Nugent or Van Halen dammit!! Steal something with dirty, nasty lyrics because you can't get it through regular channels. But stealing Jack Johnson? Especially since the guy is cool with bootlegs and fans downloading his music, is kind of a waste of a jail visit.
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If I had to be stuck on a desert island what CD's would I want with me? We've all been asked variations of this question and my answer changes a bit depending on a) what i'm listening to and b) how the question is phrased. If I could take the entire discography of my 3 favorite artists it would be:

Led Zeppelin
Johnny Cash
Henry Rollins (Music & Spoken word)

After that would be (in no particular order):
Nine Inch Nails
Tori Amos
Jeff Buckley
Ani Difranco
Rufus Wainwright
Pink Floyd

I heard the latest in the music industry is that iTunes will be lowering some of the song prices to as low as .69 cents. Hopefully it's for a few artists I like because who like getting good music cheap.


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