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I caught a cold that's derailed me a little bit so I'm behind about 2-3 days. I like how my story is coming along and am really happy with how much text I do have even if I'm behind in my word count.

This year instead of handwriting my story and then typing, I've been typing straight. I really like the change and it's nice to be able to get so much done or change gears story-wise so quickly with just plowing ahead on the keyboard.
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I'm feel like I'm in the home stretch of my current writing project and I'm hoping to be finished before november 1 for nanowrimo.  My writers group is going to be joining into the fun this year so it will be nice to share the 50,000 words in 30 days fun.

The first time I tried nanowrimo was in 2006 with [ profile] scribewraith cheering me on.  I didn't finish that year but I did in 2008 so I'm looking forward to the challenge again.
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50,083 words in 30 days is my final count! Finally, after trying three times I have finally won Nanowrimo! I'm taking a week off from writing and then I'm editing my ass off because honestly it has taken everything in me not to edit my draft at all outside of making sure that all my words have spaces inbetween them where they're supposed to.

I definitely can not keep up this level of writing outside of november. My family thinks I'm insane and my mother has been laughing at me because I am burnt out from nano-ing. I was telling my best friend earlier that I think I could maintain 800 - 1,000 words a day fairly easily now but trying to do 1,700 words a day is madness. madness which I will probably be doing again in November '09, because I really am just a little bit crazy.

the funny thing is I'm not finished the novel. My goal is to get in at least another 20k of it before the end of December which I think is alot more reasonable then trying to 50k.

I'll heading for my bunk now.
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Nano has officailly become a two headed beast. Why you ask? because it wants a sequel, actually it's more of a prequel for a past event one of my characters remembered that helped shape him. I'm making a few notes to see if its possible but I want to finish Nano first.

How is the original beast doing? Well its a little confused and wandering. I have a bunch of pages long-hand that I need to type and a few scenes that happen further along in the story that I've typed up in another file so that I don't get confused. So write now I don't have an accurate word count just me guestimations. Which is alright. This weekend I'm turning into a power weekend. Finish typing my long hand and stratgize for the big push since I really want to be done before the 30th.
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So I'm about 2-3 days behind but I think I can recoup that before the week is out. Two of my characters have decided they want to be gay for each other so my adventure story now has a romantic element. I'll have to see how far they want to take things but I don't think they'll be any love scenes (they just met and they aren't those kind of boys).

The irony of this development is I went through a period where I wanted all my male characters to be "sexually fluid". Either flat out gay or open to the possiblity. I decided not to go that route but honestly two attractive men kissing or a guy who's so comfortable with himself that he doesn't need to make idiotic macho statements to prove he's a man. Talk about yummy.

more animals
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I'm stuck on a certain section of my story and as a result I'm about a day behind. It's a transitional scene that bridges a few things and it's just not gelling. maybe because I had so much action and tension going on before this point. Itirks me a little because I was hoping this week I could really push ahead and the daily word quota.

My idea to solve this is to jump ahead a few scenes and write those and then come back to this part.

Nanowrimo stat:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,233 / 50,000
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I have met the man of my dreams. He is a thing of beauty to behold whether it be standing still or displaying his fiery intellect. My one true love has a name and it isn't Barack Obama; It's our new Joint Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

This is a man who stands in from of congressional hearings and reads love letters from Republicans to big oil corporation, a man who has mailed a dead fish to a political foe. It's that kind of badassness that makes me want to have his babies if he wasn't already married with children.

I don't know what to do with this new love I feel. I've never had romantic feelings about a politician before. Obama has always struck me as that cool dude who'd make an awesome best friend/partner in crime that would totally get your inner wacky. But Rahm *sigh* here is a man who is HOT and SMART. Usually the intellectual part of me and the shallow part of me have only been in agreement on a few men who are attractive, smart and have killer queen like wit, Henry Rollins and Anthony Bourdain are the two that come to mind.

Here is the love letter that stole my heart:

Oh and in case you were wondering Nanowrimo progress report:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,291 / 50,000
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I was up until 12:04am trying to get my daily word quota written because I didn't want to fall behind. It wasn't was because I was stuck it was mainly because I was tired (I'm usually in bed by 11) but I promised myself when I started that I would not go to bed until my writing for the day was done and the case of writing anything long-hand before it was all typed up.

The thing that has been motivating me as that I've been listening to Doctor Who audio books read by David tennant so now I have this scotish accent in my head dictating my book to me as I write. It's kind of cool imagining David tennants voice reading my book; how he would pronounce certain words and what voice he would do for different characters.

Nanwrimo stats:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,717 / 50,000
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Nanwrimo report:

I can't believe that it's only day 6. I'm still going strong but balancing the writing with all the other things that I have to do has been tough but that what every writer has to deal with so I'm not complaining. It just feels more intense with the deadline ahead of me. An interesting side effect of this is I find myself being excessively word in everything I do now, from e-mails to text messages and even at work. I just find it neat how nano-ing has flowed into everything else for me. The story is moving along nicely even though I still haven't thought of a title yet.

Nanwrimo stats:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,027 / 50,000
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I'm starting to come down from all the excitement a bit. I think going to bed early tonight will be a good plan. I've also been channeling all this energy into Nano-ing. I'm liking the results but so far I haven't come up with a title for my story yet.

Nanwrimo stats:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,546 / 50,000
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It's day 3 and I'm cruising along at a nice pace so far. The Nano website seems to be down but they had warned earlier on that high traffic could make things difficult for people, so I'm not able to do my official word count of what I have so far yet.

My stratedgy seems to be working I've been meeting the minimum daily word count of 1667. I've been stopping mid-scene so that I have action to jump into when I begin writing the next day. I've also got a legal pad and pen next to my bed so I can get some writing in first thing in the morning. This morning I was able to get 2 1/2 pages written this morning while still in bed.

My overall goal is to not only get through the month with my 50,000 words but to also see if this is a writing pace I could keep up after November. Its been really freeing not worrying about editing. I just been spell-checking and though I know the rewrites later are going to be a big effort the reward will be that I have a FINISHED DRAFT !!!! *squee*
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I've decided to try again. nanwrimo starts tomorrow and I've decided that the third time will be the charm damn it!! The cool part is this time I'm doing it with my best friend and I have a strategy.

a) I'm going to some write-ins. I figure being around like minded individuals will be motivating.

b) I'm not writing just in long-hand. Thats what killed me the last two times out even though my last attempt I tried to build up my writing muscles. So I've decided that a combination of long-hand and typing would work best. I can get story work done in the places that a laptop might not be the most practical and vice versa.

C) not overthink things. I'm not going to panic over whether or not I meet daily word counts our editing (its a first draft after all). I'm just going to write my butt off.

I'll keep you posted.
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I have notebooks, pens and outline and a strategy. I am calm an ready to do battle with the written word for nanowrimo. I've been training to build up my hand strength so I won't crash an burn due to injuring my hand like I did in '05. I'm doing long-hand an am going to try and keep up with my type so my word count can be verified but if the writing and the typing get to be to much I'm putting the typing to the wayside.
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Not as optomistic today as I was before about finishing. At least it isn't for lack of trying and more to do with physical limitation then anything else. The hand is trying to act up again. I got a few pages typed and figure I'll give it a rest before doing some more writing. The fact thatI've written so much in such a short time makes me feel like a winner. The neat thing is I like this form of writing because you aren't over invested in the story so you can still like what you've written and at the same time see what could be improved on or changed.

On the job front, still haven't heard anything back. There's a Department of labor office nearby that helps people job hunt and network. They have a lot of stuff geared toward business professionals so I'm hopeful something will pan out from that end.

I've decided that it's time to play out with my bookmaking. I've been working on getting my skills good enough to not only make journals for myself but also to sell. I got some new supplies today and I want to try selling my journals on ebay. I haven't had the best of luck with ebay in the past. With the last 2 items I listed one only sold for 99 cents and the other didn't sell at all. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this time will turn out better.
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My hand is feeling betterbut it took a few days of no writing as instead of one like I had initially hoped. So I'm behind but I'm giving. I figure if I recalculate the daily word count and do a few other things I still have a fighting change. I just need to keep an eye on my hand through the rest of the month.


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