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The inauguration speech was a lovely, lovely thing. Me and my mom were cheering at certain sections. I love how inclusive he was in touching on so many topics.
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The Big O!!

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:03 am
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This morning I feel like I had the best sex of my life I'm so orgasmically happy. Why you ask? Obama is president !!!

I remember the first time I saw him On "Meet the Press" long before he announced he was going to run for president and being clued to the television set and just thinking, WOW. I'd just spent almost 8 years shivering at the new and interesting ways that Dubya butchered the english language and here was a man intelligent & articulate talking about things that mattered in a way I could understand and it just blew me away.

Finally, I have a president that can be as into as I am Led Zeppelin, Sinatra and my favorite fandoms. The fact that internationally he has huge fan-base is pretty cool too. Apparently, the Irish are claiming him as their own since his great-great-great grandfather immigrated from there to the U.S. It's so neat how so many different people find something in him that they can relate to.

His speech last night was moving and beautiful and it gave a realistic vision of the future that is possible with hard work. That he made an effort to speak to the people who didn't vote for him wanting to be "their president" also was just pure class to me. I love the fact that Obama ran a dignified campaign and never made outrageous promises that everyone knows can't be kept the moment they are spoken. That his plans aren't set in stone because he recognizes that new information is always coming in and accounts for it is the mark of a smart man. Politics has never made me this happy and excited.


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