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I am the old woman at the anime club and I'm okay with that. Otakon was amazing, the hours in line were well worth the concerts. I haven't been active in anime fandom in years. Though I still watch anime and read manga there have been so many changes in the industry (especially with manga publishers) that I've shied away from investing my cash in a new manga series the way I use to. I looked around Otakon and most of the people I talked with I was old enough to be their unwed, teenage mother. Some of them had never heard of some of the animes I was into like Rurouni Kenshin or Escaflowne (crazy right). I love being able to get my anime fix on the cheap thanks to hulu and my local library has good manga collections so I don't have to spend my cash like I did back in high school/college.

That's the one thing I've kept my hand in about anime, the music. J-pop is fun and amazing and always makes me feel upbeat. And now Itunes is carrying some j-pop so that's exciting. I found a few new artists at Otakon and am going through my TM Revolution and Yoko kanno discographies and rocking out. I've also decided a to hunt down an save a few of the fics I read and loved from when I was in the fandom. Most of those sites haven't been updated in years but they're still up so I'm going to epub my faves before they disappear.

I spend my days in live action fandoms where in some cases I'm the barely legal kid at the club. It's all good.
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Apparently, the year I decided to come back to otakon is the year with their largest turn out ever because of the two j-pop guest performing.I'm currently in a line that is wrapped aroung the neighboring arena waiting to be seated for t.m. revolution.

it is very hot buI'm keeping cool in my spiffy new transformers T-shirt with optimus prime on it.

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Last weekend it was shore leave, this weekend it's otakon. I really want to catch the two concerts happening there as well as a panel or two.

the difference between the two cons is night and day. I haven't been to otakon in a few years because so many things were changing on the anime scene, especially what dealers at the con were offering.
I realized as I was waiting in a really long line to register for the con I didn't know anyone. In line I played Uno with some nice girls who were probably fresh out of high school and it was fun but not like hanging out with friends.

shore leave has spoiled me quite a bit. I have a great group of friends I'm social with and there are a lot of familiar faces. Those people may not be my friends but I see them almost every year at shore leave and it's comforting.

it will be interesting to see where anime/manga is right now. I still watch some shows on hulu but i stopped reading manga when a couple of the companies closed their doors right when i was reading a series so now I can't finish unless some other company buys the rights.

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