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The inauguration speech was a lovely, lovely thing. Me and my mom were cheering at certain sections. I love how inclusive he was in touching on so many topics.
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And Florida just finished counting, and Gov. Scott thinks he did the right thing in cutting early voting and making people wait for 8 hours to vote. All of this while county election officials are crying as they publicly apologize to Floridians. At least this election didn't rest on Florida.
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I'm still following the post-election aftermath. The fact that republicans are seriously this shocked that Romney didn't win is parts hilarious and sad. The fact that their isolating bubble is so firm that nothing of reality got through leaves me scratching my head.

I watched the recap of Karl Rove's meltdown on election night and that is just WOW, he has a lot of million and billionaires to answer too. Reports estimate that republican fatcats spend upwards of 1.5 billion dollars to buy the election.

On a side not Nate Silver is truly as Jon stewart calls him "lord and god of the algorithm." I'm seriously considering checking out his book.

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* Drops the mic*
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People are celebrating in interesting ways. In virginia people are randomly hugging each other and dancing in the street. The commuters on my MARC train have already broken out the booze and are toasting everything Obama related loudly and cheerfully. I have seen more smiles today on the street then I can remember. There are no newspapers left anywhere. It's like everyone is breathed a collective sigh of relief and then yelled. LET'S PARTY!!!

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So apparently a lot of republicans have taken to social media to proclaim they are moving to other countries in the face of four more years of awesomeness.

It's nice to see that the republican base is really taking Romney's message of self-deportation to heart.

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I didn't getting any Nanowrimo writing done tonight.  I just couldn't concentrate on my story with the election.  Right now I'm just breathing a sigh or relief that I don't have to seriously consider deporting myself.
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Cheaters Never Prosper.  MSNBC has Obama 274 Romney 203
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I realized something important last night after the debate.  I have influential friends, I have friends on the global stage that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have not now or ever been acquainted with.  My first friend is Arithmetic who's also buddies with Bill Cllinton who talked about him loudly and proudly at the DNC. My other friend was introduced last night A fine fellow by the name of Geography who can be found any and every where thanks to modern technology.

We've long since know that republicans weren't friends with History, but not knowing Math and Geography explains a whole lot about them.
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Google image "Romney Binder" and die from the funny

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I think I need a post debate cigarette  !!!

*happy sigh*
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You know who's a boss? Bill John Baker. Who is he you ask? A BAMF who happens to be chief of the cherokee nation. Why is he a BAMFing boss? Because he elegantly calls out racist mofo's like Mass. Senator Scott Brown.

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I have been watching the fallout from mitt’s latest regarding 47% of America being welfare king/queens; that these individuals don’t want to work or live independently or be responsible for their lives.

As far as not paying taxes goes there are a number of things in the tax code that allow for exemptions and tax breaks.  Those are the same tax breaks that republicans and the wealthy benefit from so that they pay little to nothing in taxes. 

My question is where are these insanely lazy people?  I don’t see them around me.  In college I got a student loan for my last two years of college so I could finish school.  I went to school full-time and had two part-time jobs.  I didn’t pay income taxes because I didn’t make enough money to.  Does that make me lazy?

I was a victim of the recession.  When I lost my job I was unemployed for almost a year and received unemployment.  My job while unemployed became finding a job and finishing school.  I took freelance writing gigs whenever I could and put in applications into any jobs that I thought I was qualified for.  When I finally got a job I had put in more than 300 applications. 

I don’t know what world Mitt Romney lives in but you can’t live fat on the hog on unemployment.  I hated my unemployment check because it was a painful reminder that I lost my job, of how I had failed somehow despite doing what they tell you you’re supposed to as part of the American Dream.  Go to school get good grades, go to college so you can get a good job, buy a home, etc. I know my job loss wasn’t my fault, that a lot of people were in the same place as me, but it was still really hard for me to cope with and continue to stay positive while trying to find another job.

 I was never lazy; I have always worked hard, even when I was in college and didn’t make enough to be in a tax bracket.  And I’m not alone.  There are people who get assistance because they work at places like Wal-Mart that don’t pay a living wage.  Yeah, you can pay bills but you can’t buy groceries and you’d be surprised how common that is in this country.

There are people who take advantage of the system but not as many as the republicans would like you to believe, certainly not 47% of the country. Most people have already grasped how out of touch with the everyday person Mitt Romney is but this latest just adds a new and disturbing angle to his contempt for Americans who aren’t like him.

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I'm making fat free mini donuts (muffins actually, no mini donut pan) and I think they came well despite using regular whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour. They're light and tasty and I hoping to pack them for breakfast this week. I'm also roasting vegetables today and making more of the homemade seitan from last week.

In my attempts eat healthier I'm trying to make more things ahead on sunday that I can pull from easily thoughout the week. Also, it keeps me from watching the news and being angry about all the bullshit the GOP has been doing across the country. I'm a Rachel maddow addict but even as much as I love watching her and her take on things it doesn't assuage the feeling that the world is slowly spinning down the drain. So my break from it all involves cooking, in particular, theraputic vegetable chopping. Sometimes it really helps thinking the squash I'm hacking up is Rick Santorum's head. I'm just sayin'

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Phone call this weekend.

Me:  Hi Mom
Mom: Guess what? they passed the same sex marriage bill
Me: YES!!
Mom: You know what we should do?
Me: What?
Mom: Go down to the courthouse to throw rice on the first couples getting married.
Me: Umm?
Mom: We'll look strange but we're just really happy they can finally get married, we can whistle and cheer and just be excited.
Me: Okay mom, sure, because strangers crashing your wedding won't freak people out.
Mom: you're no fun

My mom, the gay wedding crasher!
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So Virginia has lost its mind in regards to women's health because the state Governor really wants to be the Vice Presidents running mate for any of the GOP presidential candidates.   A bill that could ban contraceptives as part of a personhood anti-abortion bill has recently passed the House and  last I heard, is now with the Senate and it’s not looking hopeful that sanity will be found and this thing will be shut down.

I have a lot of issues with this because I think passing laws that basically say "you are too stupid to plan your own life and the government must do it for you" is insulting. So a woman who is married, has three kids and doesn't want any more is too stupid to make that decision?  Or how about the newlyweds who want to wait and establish themselves before bringing a baby into the mix?   Or what about the person who knows they can't afford to have a child and wants to make sure they don't get pregnant in the first place.

Are they too stupid to make that kind of decision? Laws like this say they are, at least to me.  The GOP wants to ban abortions but they don't want you to prevent yourself from getting pregnant.  I know they're thinking is "just don't have sex" but frankly if I'm married I'm f*cking my husband to an insane degree and it would be nice not to have to worry about getting pregnant every time I did. Republicans seem to think that all these laws will stop pre-marital sex but it causes problems for married couples too.  I have a number of friends who are married, some have kids and some don't but they all have one thing in common, wanting to plan the right time to have a family.  They are smart and savvy enough to realize that they may want children but it would be better to wait or that they don't want children at all.  That's not just my friends; that’s everyone in this country.  Birth control was not developed so that single women could go out into the great wide world and get their freak on and there are many reasons medically women go on birth control that have nothing to do with not wanting kids.

I don't live in Virginia but I work there and today I had to go to my HR person and ask some pretty awkward questions about how this law if it passes would affect my healthcare insurance since my company would be based in a state with a contraceptive ban even though I don't reside there.  They weren't sure and considering the number of women who work for my company and the number of those who don't live in Virginia they're a little concerned themselves.  

It pisses me off that in the 21st century I have to even ask someone questions like this and that this is something I really have to worry about.  My mother was saying that drug dealers will be getting arrested for slinging birth control instead of coke in the future.  It feels like a disturbing possibility.

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Still on a high from seeing Star Trek and thus have pulled out my fanzines for a good old K/S fix till I can go back and see it again this weekend (mom's joining me in geekfest 2, she wants to pick out details),

Abrupt subject change: Been watching tjhe news lately, particular the things coming out of the GOP's mouthpieces and well . . . is it me or the more they talk to counter anything the democrats say/do the more racist they sound?  its really bothersome some of the stff I've been hearing from O'reilly and Limbaugh.  I read a little Al Franken every night to scrub my brain after the news.
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There was a skip in my step and a song in my heart as I watched Executive One take off with Dubya inside. As it lingered in the air for a few seconds a part of me thought if this were a movie this is the part were the helicopter would suddenly blow up.

I had to wait to write until today just incase the cosmos was fucking with me and I woke up in some weird hellish groundhog day thing where Bush was still prez. Don't laugh its been a long-standing nightmare of mine, that and the one where I fall in to the alternate universe where Sarah Palin is supreme dictator of the world *shutters with fright*

On the plus side,I now have a President . . .

whose state of the union addresses I can watch live and not have to read the cleaned up transcripts after the fact. (Whoever was doing that really deserves a raise and maybe a congressional metal)

who writes his own speeches.

who does not find new and interesting ways to slaughter the english language.

who has read the constitution and has a VP who knows he's a part of the executive branch.

Interesting bonus, Rahm Emanuel's memo halting all late hour filed Bush policies until they can be reviewed. Hilarious.


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