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I realized something important last night after the debate.  I have influential friends, I have friends on the global stage that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have not now or ever been acquainted with.  My first friend is Arithmetic who's also buddies with Bill Cllinton who talked about him loudly and proudly at the DNC. My other friend was introduced last night A fine fellow by the name of Geography who can be found any and every where thanks to modern technology.

We've long since know that republicans weren't friends with History, but not knowing Math and Geography explains a whole lot about them.
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I think I need a post debate cigarette  !!!

*happy sigh*
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Jon Stewart is just awesomely funny!

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Insane image that just ran through my brain: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Anderson Cooper making out.

It's thursday and I have Supernatural on the brain and its just bleeding into all my other thoughts in clearly bizarre (yet hot ass) ways.
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This holiday season has been . . . well pretty crazy. I have a list of presents that I am giving myself this holiday season including the development of my home entertainment center which I am calling the "Wall of Sound". Get the CD's and DVD's together and the sound system up and running so I can have my tunes at the touch of a button. Don't worry I'm working on presents for other people too.

This is part of the cascading effect the being immersed in Henry Rollins has on me. I'm pulling out sorts of music fom my collection and loading them onto my ipod. I'm revisiting my love for Trent reznor (thigh muscles that god built *sigh*) and just surrounding myself with all things musical even my own songwriting endeavours.

My love for Rahm Emanuel, our Joint Chief of BAMF, has lead to me watching the news every night. I'm watching Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. The more I watch Keith Olberman the hotter he becomes. Rachel Maddow is sharp and just all kinds of cool and of course Anderson cooper is just fabulous and spot on in his news coverage. Have you noticed the CNN has like a harem of silver foxes as news anchors?


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