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There was a skip in my step and a song in my heart as I watched Executive One take off with Dubya inside. As it lingered in the air for a few seconds a part of me thought if this were a movie this is the part were the helicopter would suddenly blow up.

I had to wait to write until today just incase the cosmos was fucking with me and I woke up in some weird hellish groundhog day thing where Bush was still prez. Don't laugh its been a long-standing nightmare of mine, that and the one where I fall in to the alternate universe where Sarah Palin is supreme dictator of the world *shutters with fright*

On the plus side,I now have a President . . .

whose state of the union addresses I can watch live and not have to read the cleaned up transcripts after the fact. (Whoever was doing that really deserves a raise and maybe a congressional metal)

who writes his own speeches.

who does not find new and interesting ways to slaughter the english language.

who has read the constitution and has a VP who knows he's a part of the executive branch.

Interesting bonus, Rahm Emanuel's memo halting all late hour filed Bush policies until they can be reviewed. Hilarious.
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This holiday season has been . . . well pretty crazy. I have a list of presents that I am giving myself this holiday season including the development of my home entertainment center which I am calling the "Wall of Sound". Get the CD's and DVD's together and the sound system up and running so I can have my tunes at the touch of a button. Don't worry I'm working on presents for other people too.

This is part of the cascading effect the being immersed in Henry Rollins has on me. I'm pulling out sorts of music fom my collection and loading them onto my ipod. I'm revisiting my love for Trent reznor (thigh muscles that god built *sigh*) and just surrounding myself with all things musical even my own songwriting endeavours.

My love for Rahm Emanuel, our Joint Chief of BAMF, has lead to me watching the news every night. I'm watching Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper. The more I watch Keith Olberman the hotter he becomes. Rachel Maddow is sharp and just all kinds of cool and of course Anderson cooper is just fabulous and spot on in his news coverage. Have you noticed the CNN has like a harem of silver foxes as news anchors?
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She won't shut up and I understand that she's taking advantage of an the media attention to further her own current and future agendas but really. I don't care that you serve the press moose chili or pimp your no-front-teeth-having daughter out to the media and talk about special needs children when you cut funding for special needs children in your own state. Even the other republican governors are sick of her now.

The only thing I agree with her on is that these anonymous, McCain advisors calling her names are cowards. Because honestly, If she really isn't smarter then a Fifth grader shouldn't that have come up during the Vice Presidental candidate screening process? They picked her because she's a woman and they wanted some of that Hillary supporter action not realizing that Hillary supporters wanted Hillary not just any woman. So when that didn't work for them they started trying to through her under the bus which seems to be the GOP's MO of the last few years.

In the recent CNN interview she did with Wolf Blitzer she did say she wouldn't be appointing herself to the senate(Thank you big baby jesus), but that she would help if called upon by the president-elect (Like that will ever happen). It still went the same way as the Katie Couric interview with the weaving and bobbing on questions. I just wish she'd go away or Rahm Emanuel would club her with a dead salmon or something.

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I have met the man of my dreams. He is a thing of beauty to behold whether it be standing still or displaying his fiery intellect. My one true love has a name and it isn't Barack Obama; It's our new Joint Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

This is a man who stands in from of congressional hearings and reads love letters from Republicans to big oil corporation, a man who has mailed a dead fish to a political foe. It's that kind of badassness that makes me want to have his babies if he wasn't already married with children.

I don't know what to do with this new love I feel. I've never had romantic feelings about a politician before. Obama has always struck me as that cool dude who'd make an awesome best friend/partner in crime that would totally get your inner wacky. But Rahm *sigh* here is a man who is HOT and SMART. Usually the intellectual part of me and the shallow part of me have only been in agreement on a few men who are attractive, smart and have killer queen like wit, Henry Rollins and Anthony Bourdain are the two that come to mind.

Here is the love letter that stole my heart:

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