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Okay so there's a new interview with J2 at E!online about s7 that's getting linked to across the blogsphere and some of the commentary is interesting, especially about last season. I have to say I liked season 6 though I thought it could have been better. To me it was like a newborn foal that took a little longer then normal to get on its legs. But I think having a season six was important because s5 was an epic cliffhanger.

I got into supernatural kind of back works. When the show started I was done with Smallville at that point, not amount of clex could have saved it for me and in turn I was done with the WB. But almost all my f-list was watching Supernatural so I knew the storyline/characters etc. I had seen a few episodes even but RL was more demanding then fandom. Then season 4 happened. I had heard about the grandeur of season 3 and decided to give the show my full attention and I was hooked. I went back and watched the past seasons in full to get completely caught up and now Dean Winchester is my fav character (he was so gorg in the s4 finale, all those close-ups on his eyes and freckles *fans self*).

People talk about how the show needs to die already or that its strayed from the idea of being about "the brothers". On the first, all shows have an end point and with the world building in supernatural it's kind of an open road. As far as the second, other characters and plotlines will come and go but the core of the show is always Dean and Sam and their connection. They have been through the wars together (literally) and made/lost friends along the way. They're family and nothing/no one comes between that. I like castiel and find his interactions with Deanrunning the spectrum from intense to funny. They have a chemistry and an connection that's different from dean & sam's but it doesn't detrack from that and I also think it gives Dean different dimensions the same way that Sam and Ruby's or Sam and Lucifier's interactions showed different aspects of Sam. It all comes back to the core relationship and strengthens it in my opinion.

The new season sounds interesting though so I'm hoping people will give it a chance. Especially since rumor has it Bobby my be getting some this year O_o!
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My local CW station thinks college basketball is more important then airing Supernatural and isn't even giving an alternate air date for tonights episode in the tv guides *cries* I need my Dean fix and to bow down to the all might misha. I'm misha minion, I must pay my proper tribute. I'm also a jensenaholic. Don't they understand I need my fix!
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Listing to "Eye of the Tiger" on while reading Supernatural Dean/Cas fanfic. Great way to spend the day.
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So tonight the boys will be at Supernatural convention and we get a return of Becky. I'm wondering if she'll molest Sam again. I also wonder how they are going to depict cons and convention goers. I'm excited but a little nervous too, I don't want to feel like I'm being mocked. Even though I know some stereotypes about conventions have grains of truth to them (I have been downwind of fanboys with B.O.) fen are still my people and us mocking each other is a little different from being mocked by the masses.

Kripke's cool so I have faith that I will be laughing out loud and startling my cat out of one of his many numerous power naps.
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Grad school is going awesome.  I've got a few more weeks til the semsters over and am finding out what my course options are for next semster. Going back to school is the best thing ever.  I've missed the whole feel of it.  Books are great and call me a big dork but I love writing papers.

This thursday is my birthday and I will have a new episode of Supernatural as a present. Not really but I love the idea of enjoying a new epi on my birthday.  I am loving this season being able to watch good, hot actors on a well-written show is a thing of beauty. *sigh*

I still haven't decided what to get myself for a present yet or whether I should be practical or have a little fun in picking myself out something.
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 So I’m sitting at my desk right now trying to look busy even though I don’t have anything to.  I’m reading my article that I have for a paper due for class while I randomly type things in the hopes that I look busy for anyone who passes by.  I can’t sit and read because the sound of keys tapping is a sign of productivity, even if the taping isn’t producing anything the company will feel is work merit.

Grad school is so much fun.  I know that makes me a big dork but I’m just ODing on the happy I feel from going back to school.

In tribute to my love of all things Dean Winchester I have been listing to a lot of Zeppelin other lovely compositions of 70’s classic rock.  Last night was really good episode; Paris Hilton was pretty funny and seeing Paul Mcgillion was also a sweet treat.  No Castiel this week.  If you don’t follow Misha Collins on Twitter you really should, he is insanely funny.

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Dean taking Castiel to a brothel, funniest thing ever !!!!

Castiel calling Raphael "my little bitch" HOTTEST THING EVER !!!


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