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Leaving the state department book sale. I brought a book that is older then america. You just don't know how big my shit-eating grin is.

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Some people cope with a bad week by going to the bar, I go to the bookstore. This week has been madness and i have spent my evenings surrounded by my home library trying to destress and take comfort in the written word. Right now i'm trying to decide between 3 authors i really like and slowly letting the crazy of this week float away from me.
On the plus side i had fun heckling 50 shades or grey with 2 other store patrons. It's gratifying to know that others share my horror at this bit of literary blasphemy.

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I am standing in the fantasy section of the library right now admiring all the lovely books. Some I have read others I'm putting on my list of want-to reads. I've been going back and forth between classic lit and f anfic for a while now and I've got a appetite for more modern and weird tales. I see a few new titles I haven't read by authors I like. I love reading so freaking much. I know when I get older I'll be wearing coke bottle glasses or blind as all get-out but I'm going to get in as many good books as I can, while I can. I know technology gives you more options for reading but I love a good old fashion book with pages. The battery life is endless.

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I am deep in the trenches of novel writing and am feeling pretty good about my results. Out of all the projects I've had over the years in writing/editing that feeling where the words are coming together to say on paper the picture in your head to perfect clarity never gets old.

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