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I'm sticking it to THE MAN! How you ask? By walking. Rising gas prices worry and so are the rising prices in food. So to combat the gas costs I've decide to walk to commuter train station instead of drive there. I ride the MARC train daily into downtown to catch the subway to work. The MARC station is a 30 minute walk from my house and I figure walking to the station will get me in shape and save me money. Money which I can but away for a rainy day (it feels like there will be a lot of those on the horizon). Today was the first day of walking to the station and I made good time and got to work 15 minutes early.

I've been on the treadmill and walking in the nearby park at lunch time and counting my steps with a pedometer pretty consistently for the last month and the one thing I noticed lately is a constant soreness in the froni part of my lower legs. I figure its because I haven't been wearing the right tennis shoes everytime I go on long walks and not stretching. I've been working on it because I don't want to accidently injure myself.

On a side note has anyone checked out the latest issue of Time Magazine? The headline is "There can be only one" with a split picture of hillary & obama. My first thought was Time magazine editors watch Highlander? and the second was of Hillary and Obama battling it out with swords for the prize. If you think about it though the presidential race does have some strong HIghlander parallels.
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Okay so I mention earlier no treadmill today, instead I plan on a nice long walk after work through old towne and check out some local color. No as intense as treadmill but I felt the need for something a little different today since it's so nice outside.
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The treadmill is an evil bitch god of pain. I did good today despite my lack of enthusiasm, but I'm getting tired of the "curl up and take a nap" thing that hits me in the mid-afternoon after a work out. I'm also geeting tired of the jelly legs.

This morning I just felt like quitting. Screw the treadmill and eat any piece of junk food that isn't nailed down. I didn't of course, but the weirdthing is I'm getting cravings for food that I don't normally eat like candy bars and stuff that seriously carb-ladden. I eat pretty healthy regularly so it's never been a problem to tighten things up and say no red meat for a while or whatever. Now, I see candy in drugstore and can't stop thinking about it

It's almost as if my body is rebelling against brain and all my ideas of being more active and continue to make good food choices. The thing that has really made today a good day is the fact that I've been drinking an unsweetened dried tea blend I brewed sunday
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I had the bright idea to try the exercise bike instead of the treadmill for my workout today and it didn't go well, no matter how I adjusted the seat it wasn't comfortable pedaling. So I did like 15 minutes on the bike and did the last half of my workout on the treadmill.

I like working out, I've felt a lot more relaxed since I started doing it and I'm burning off all this nervous energy I aquire from being a desk jockey at work all day
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Spent a half-hour on the treadmill in the fitness center at work. I did 1.27 miles and burned (according to the onboard computer) 190 calories. Then had nice, healthy lunch. I feel bad-ass!!!

This is my first full week of using the treadmill and I have to say I like it. I can wear my ipod or watch the big tv in the center and just go.

If you been following me on LJ for a the last few entries you've probably noticed that I've been dreaming up the weird little plot bunnies. I'm thinking of writing drabbles to exorcise the things.

The latest on is an AU where Colonel Sheppard is a woman in command of Atlantis.It pretty much goes that same why that we see on the show except Sheppard is painfully aware that Genreal Landry would prefer Colonel Caldwell in the position she works twice has hard to the perfect solider because she feels that not only is caldwell keeping tabs on the SGA but but being a woman in military command she has to work twice has hard to show that she's capable of the job dispite the black mark on her record. It's a story that see with angst and a touch of paranoia but also with moments of girlsheppard finding freedom in her own interests like music and dance but in the privacy of her own quarters.

If it continues to be stuck in my head I think this is one I think I'm really going to have to write.


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