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I feel like I spend a lot of time talking about food here and fannish things but mostly food.  This occurred to me as I was about to make yet another post about . . . you guessed it food.  Sunday is a big cooking day for me.  I have a significant commute between where I work and where I live and the thing that helps me eat out less and eat healthy is to have a mega cooking day on the weekend.

If I have something on hand that doesn't take me long to prep before eating I'm less likely to eat out, which costs more money now with gas prices the way they are. I try to plan my major meals and snacks and pack everything up the night before.  I always feel like I look like I'm running away from home during my commute.

I've been having a lot of fun with new recipes.  This morning I had a carrot apple ginger smoothie for breakfast that was really good ( and very green due to spinach). While I was making it I thought about what character in the fandoms I follow would drink this?  Probably Captain America, from those Avengers trailers with the punching bags he looks like a guy would have a post-workout smoothie.
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I'm making fat free mini donuts (muffins actually, no mini donut pan) and I think they came well despite using regular whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour. They're light and tasty and I hoping to pack them for breakfast this week. I'm also roasting vegetables today and making more of the homemade seitan from last week.

In my attempts eat healthier I'm trying to make more things ahead on sunday that I can pull from easily thoughout the week. Also, it keeps me from watching the news and being angry about all the bullshit the GOP has been doing across the country. I'm a Rachel maddow addict but even as much as I love watching her and her take on things it doesn't assuage the feeling that the world is slowly spinning down the drain. So my break from it all involves cooking, in particular, theraputic vegetable chopping. Sometimes it really helps thinking the squash I'm hacking up is Rick Santorum's head. I'm just sayin'

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I've been a vegetarian for 3 years.  I went the veggie girl route because I've always eaten more vegetables than meat and decided I should just cut it out all together.  I use a combination of meat substitutes to get my protein along with beans and legumes like tofu, veggie burgers/sausage and seitan.  I've generally brought the Westsoy brand but it's not a regular on my grocery list due to how pricey it is.  I've always thought about trying to make homemade seitan but some of the recipes I've found were intimidating between the cooking method and the quanitity of the completed recipe.  Until recently.  While cruising youtube I discovered the Heavy Metal vegan chef.  He cooks vegan dishes to heavy metal music for Satan who often pops in to say Hi.  Yeah, all the weird kids are on youtube, but you knew that already:-p

The recipe is "Seitan with Satan" and I made a batch of it today. I got all the ingredients on my weekly grocery run and prepped it while I made my favorite soup to put in containers for lunch this week.  I used the baked method in the "Wings of seitan" video.  As it cooked in the oven my house smelled like a blend of baking bread and soy sauce.  The result was very tasty especially with BBQ sauce.  It also tastes good with thai peanut sauce.

My house still smells really good and I now have a seitan recipe in my arsenal.

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There is freezing rain outside and I'm still sore form working out yesterday. Yesterday, now there was a nice day. I took a good long brisk paced walk for an hour outside and just enjoyed myself. I was going to treadmill today but my legs are sore so I figure I'll do some upper body work and maybe floor exercises and see how that pans out.

I'm doing a week of "You are what you eat" recipes with my mother right now. She watches the show on BBCA and really likes the dishes Dr. Gillian comes up with. So mom brought cookbooks with the recipes and one has a 7 day plan in it that she wanted to try. I agreed to be her food buddy. Anything that encourages my mom to be active & healthy I want to support. The stuff is very veggie and tasty so it's not a chore to eat. We decided to do shopping for the first 3 days of the plan to see how we like it since we already had a good amount of food in our fridges.
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I'm not noticing much of a difference from the way I ate before which I guess I can credit to the time I put into phasing out meat and experimenting with food. It was always fun trying to make dishes that were colorful & tasty now its even moreso. Maybe the newness will wear off at some point down the pike but right now I'm having a blast.
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I spent New year's eve at my best friend S's house watching Henry Rollins on dvd and crocheting. It was a great time. As of New Year's Day I am officially a vegetarian. I've been working toward it for most of 2008 by reading the books and trying different foods and phasing out the small amount of meat in my diet. I'm doing it for some grand, sweeping, petaesque reasoning I simply love vegetables alot and since I was was what you'd call semi-vegetarian already I figure why not just do it full out.

I've made my 2009 To Do List. I don't do resolutions because the weight of expectation the word has makes most people buckle. I like the idea of having specific detailed goals and completeing them one by one.

Onto Fannish things: Stargate Atlantis was awesome and it makes me pissed off knowing that I have one episode left before its over. BSG coming back has me on the edge of my seat. CKR is god an I will worship at his alter often and daily


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