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So I get to work this morning an open my work e-mail and my g-mail account to discover that at like 5am my timezone I was hacked and every contact in my gmail address book including my work contacts got a spam e-mail for erectile dysfunction products.  My boss got an e-mail about Viagra !!!! Needless to say I am utterly mortified.  I e-mailed everyone to say sorry but I was hacked and changed my account settings but wow its crazy becuase this happened to another family member last month.

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So I work for a medical journal in the medical department  of a university.  Our offices were just relocated to the basement floor under the stairs.  However, since it's the pre-clinical science building around the corner and down the hall are cadavers. The hallway were our office is is full of offices/labs with biohazard warnings.  The office across the hall has a Radioactive materials warnings.  We are also next door to the Frozen Tumor vault.  On top of everything else, around the corner and down another hallway is the Human Eye Bank. The interesting thing about the cadaver hallway is that all the door frames and doors are red which helps you know which direction to avoid.

The cadavers's were creepy, and the biohazard warnings were just unnerving but as the list grows its just silly now. Especially, after my co-worker mentioned something about the moving of severed heads. So of course there are stories to mine from this experience. But right now it's one weird, yucky thing after another and I have no clue what else could show up to make this even wackier.

Oh and I forgot the pre-med students who change into their scrubs in the hallways. I don't need to know if random guys wear boxer briefs, boxers or y-fronts. I don't think the rest of the world need to know that either.
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The Job hunting quest went a little pear-shaped but ended with good results.  I took some time off last week to do doctor's appointments and got a interview and a university in one of their divisions.  I return to work on monday and find out I was being let go (departmentally downsized) and get a call on tuesday from the university I interviewed with offering me a job.

Thirdgirl is in awe since I was unemployed for only about 24 hours and I only applied to my two top job choices when I started looking for new employment.

I don't start work until the end of the month and I still have pay checks coming in so its like I'm on a paid vacation, which has been really nice.  The best thing, no more insane commute so I can get home at a decent hour and not have to wake up crazy early to go to work.

The time at home will be nice to do some home improvements and just recharge my batteries before heading off into my big new adventure.

I also have time to get some sewing in.  I want to make a few things as part of my new job wardrobe.  I'm having a good time though I think my being here during the day is confusing thhe kitty.
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Insane image that just ran through my brain: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Anderson Cooper making out.

It's thursday and I have Supernatural on the brain and its just bleeding into all my other thoughts in clearly bizarre (yet hot ass) ways.
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The Sad . . .
pete the snail know for his unexpected forray in to pregnancy, has passed on. Foloowing his companion Violet the fish who left this world two weeks before. They were E's aquatic friends and she's clearly upset. I only met violet & pete once but they seemed like a happy little pair in the fish tank. Violet swimming about excitedly as Pete moved around the tank floor and glass with a contented grace. S has mentioned that there are going to take a respectful amount of time to mourn before considering new underwater friends.

The Hilarious . . .
So I spent saturday with S and E and we got out to dinner an then to the Used CD shop. E decides that while we are in the store I'm going to be her mom and S gets to be her aunt. So for an hour I have a little girl calling me mom across the small store and running up to randomly hug me. S found it amusing, other customers were confused. I was later able to tell my mother that for an hour she was a grandmother. Her only sticking point is that I didn't call her when it was happening and that their are no pictures/recordings of impish little E calling me mom.
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Yesterday, I go the coolest call ever at work from . . . the CIA. That's right I talked to someone from the Central Intelligence Agency !! Now I've had a brush with the CIA in the past. At my previous job I worked with a woman who use to work for the CIA. None of knew what she did just that she worked for them for 2 years. It was all mysterious and fun throwing out wild guesses at what she did. She used to laugh at alot of them, especially since she was in pushing 50 and though the idea of being some cross of Mata Hari & James Bond to be a riot

I like to play 6 degrees of seperation with myself in the kevin Bacon role and I had 1 degree of seperation form the CIA before but I guess now I have no degree of seperation, how awesome is that?

Degrees of Seperation I have from others:

1 degree from the 90's version of the Mickey mouse club (that includes Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and funnily enough Jessica Simpson)
2 degrees from Christopher Meloni & Richard Beltzer
2 degress from Steven Speilberg
2 degrees from Sugar Ray Leonard
2 degrees from LL Cool J
4 degrees from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (I was in awe when I discovered this)

Try thinking of your own degrees of seperation its kind of cool, and hey the people you met a conventions so totally count but that's a list for another post.

ETA: I just realized the MLK seperation could give me 6 degress of seperation from President Obama through Jesse Jackson. How Bitchin' is that!!
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The ice on my car this morning was like a quarter inch thick candy coating on my windows and mirrors. I took my ice scrapper and attacked my car windows with a viciousness I didn't know I possessed. My fellow neighbors also scraping their cars tried to conceal their wary, nervous glances in my direction but really couldn't. You could almost feel them silently praying that I wasn't a serial killer or some other manner of maniac.

The ice was my enemy an I wasn't backing down. I attacked it with full-body lunges of my scrapper. I growled, and snarled in a low dangerous manner as the ice tried to ward of my attack and cheered in silent victory as it broke under the weight of my assault. Due to the length of my battle I still missed my train but I and my 4 wheel drive were victorious this morning. I am prepared to return to the battlefield tonight for the battle homeward.
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Peter is a snail. Peter is the pet of my best friends daughter. Peter is also pregnant. Well, laid a clutch of eggs that my friend is now trying to find homes for.

I just can't get over the fact that there is a pregnant snail named peter. I'm also wondering who's the father. I have these surreal images of snails on Maury taking paternity tests.
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How desperate are you for gas? I went to the gas station this weekend and the employees were talking about how some woman offered to have sex with them for $5 worth of gas. Which amounts to a little over a gallon. The first thing I thought was 'she's selling herself for cheap'. I think if you're going to be willing to turn tricks for gas at today's prices you should try for a full tank. On an SUV that's almost a one hundred dollars.

Just a thought
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So I'm online reading fanfic online in my family room when I hear this scuffling on the kitchen floor that I know from past experience is my cat (Optimus Prime) darting across the hardwood.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him come into the family room and crouch near the couchwhere I'm sitting. Then I hear this weird crunch. I look over at Optimus an notice has something on closer inspection I see it's a mouse. A dead mouse with this stunned expressing on it's face that can only describe as saying wtf and 3 tiny drops of blood surrounding it on the carpet. Then I realize what the crunch was; Optimus breaking it's back with his teeth.

I've shooed him away from the corpse and while I'm processing the fact that my cat has just caught a mouse in the kitchen and then brought it to me to kill, his tail is twitching excitedly. So I clean up the body and the blood splatter but Optimus keeps darting back and forth from the kitchen to the family room looking for his kill or something else to kill. It was kind of freaky to watch.

What do you do in situations like this? Me, I call my mother and tell her the tale of Optimus Prime big game hunter and she says he's more then earned a nice treat.

I don't which is weirder this or the 5 foot dandelion, but I'm going to save that one for later


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