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I'm starting a new thing in July that I'm calling positive word of the day. the idea is that each day for the month I'm going to find and write down a word an the definition that has positive connotations, then journal on how I can implement those ideals into my life/creativity.

I'm in creative funk and life has been pretty blah so I think some self reflection in a intereting way may help me get out my life/creativity rut.

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once again my mother is on a campaign for me to write the great american porno novel. you read that right. she's been on this thing for years that i need to write a really smutty book, make a lot of money and buy her a house with a round hobbit door. she believe's i'm a better writer then alot of what gets published and she's been on hounding about writing epic porn now more then ever since 50 shades came out.

But yesterday she discover monster porn. there an article in the daily mail about Virginia Wade and he "Cum for Bigfoot" series (it is what it sounds like) and now her argument has changed to;

mom: write porn with fairies
me: that's actually been done
mom: . . breakout your mythology books and find something else. i want a hobbit door and maybe a pool boy!

yeah, that's my mom.

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This is so much of how I feel regarding my own creative process as a writer and I love that one of my favorite actors thinks along these lines too.

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I caught a cold that's derailed me a little bit so I'm behind about 2-3 days. I like how my story is coming along and am really happy with how much text I do have even if I'm behind in my word count.

This year instead of handwriting my story and then typing, I've been typing straight. I really like the change and it's nice to be able to get so much done or change gears story-wise so quickly with just plowing ahead on the keyboard.
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I have an idea for doing up playlists for nanowrimo to keep me creative and inspired as a write. I've done this in the past when I'm trying to create scenes with a certain feel. Some music just work with different moods well. I have my nanowrimo story outline and I think putting together a collection of songs that fit each part of the story would work really well in helping me focus.

Also I found out one of the editors in my office is also doing nano this year to. We're going to check in with each other for motivation. Between that, my writers group and LJ i feel like I have a ton of support.

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So today is the first day of the 50,000 word push. I've done my nanowrimo prep before today so i have a good feel for what I want to put on paper storywise.

I hope everyone who's participating has a good first day of writing.

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So I was thinking about redoing my application for demand studios. I was an interesting writing side job but back at the end of 2011 they reconfigured how they hire and generate content because of a google re-calibration smackdown.  I still have access to my old stuff but i'm on the fence about going back under the new system.

This leads up to what I was doing today which was looking at my old articles and the comments from the editors. The editors of demand are . . . snarky and a little unprofessional. I think this comes from the fact you don't know who is editing you and they don't know you either.  As an editor myself when I send back critiques/changes to writers I'm generally clear and polite and I don't leave a writer with parting shots on their work once a project was complete.  

I thought with the holidays on the horizon some extra cash might due me good but I don't know if I want the demand studio headache, especially since the pay is they same but under the new system the hoops you jump through are a little greater.
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I'm feel like I'm in the home stretch of my current writing project and I'm hoping to be finished before november 1 for nanowrimo.  My writers group is going to be joining into the fun this year so it will be nice to share the 50,000 words in 30 days fun.

The first time I tried nanowrimo was in 2006 with [ profile] scribewraith cheering me on.  I didn't finish that year but I did in 2008 so I'm looking forward to the challenge again.
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I am deep in the trenches of novel writing and am feeling pretty good about my results. Out of all the projects I've had over the years in writing/editing that feeling where the words are coming together to say on paper the picture in your head to perfect clarity never gets old.

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Okay,  between finding out my old  site is still up and also discovering the artist who did all the really amazing artwork for me during that time's e-mail address.  More like rediscovering, there have been 2 e-mail account moves and 3 computer changes (it's been that long yes . . . shhhh) along with this year being my 10th year on LJ, alot has been coming together  to say maybe I should return to fanfiction.

I wrote a number of stories in anime fandoms which is where my fannish life began and a few things in live - action fandoms. I started writing fanfiction my last year of college.  It's what helped me get over a really bad case of writers block. A two-year case where I had ideas and wasn't getting much of anything finished and as an english major on a creative writing track that is bad.  The long piece I was working on "Slayers in Dreamland" I worked on for my english literature final project until my teacher changed the rules on the project and I could submit it but that's another story. 

Fanfiction helped me hugely as a writer and the reviews I got from people helped me stay motivated and sharpen my skills.  I stopped writing fanfiction when I realized I needed to spend the time I was writing fanfic on original stories.  Writing fanfiction had given me what I needed to be a writer at a time when I needed it the most.  it's one of the reasons I love fandom so much.  Since I stppped writing fanfiction I've published some of my short stories, done freelancing and worked for newspapers and hey I've got a novel happening now and fandom and fanfiction gave me a place where I could feel safe and have support while I moved into a place where I could thrive creatively.  I am always grateful for that, always.

As I mentioned, I've got short stories and a novel I'm working on but I love having multiple projects on the fire because it keeps me going and makes me feel productive.  If I get stuck on someting in one story I move to another ans through working on the second I usually sort out what may be bugging me about the first. The small fandoms that I've been enjoying lately have been knocking on my brain, especially Inception and The Eagle.and I've been on the fence about taking that on but feel like everything is saying I really should jump back into the pool since it was really fun and amazing the last time around.
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I randomly googled myself today and discovere the account that I thought I deleted years ago is still up and running.  It was interesting trying to remember my old e-mail address and password.  it's a good thing that all the stories I had posted were finished.  And what's really cool I had some really nice reviews waiting form me.  They were a few years old but I figure it is never too late to say thank you for a nice review.
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I have a new gig as a freelance writer for a local paper. I just finished my first assignment and got it in well before deadline. I really excited to get back into local journalism again. it's a been a few years since I had something published in good old fashioned newsprint.

I've been working a few pieces of flash fiction as well. No fanfic (sorry) but I'm thinking of revisiting the joys of writing slash at some point in the future. I thinking of taking some of my old stories and posting them on AO3 but I haven't decided yet. For now I'm enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from a completed project.
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So far I'm doing good.   Celtx is an great script writing program that's been really helpful in formatting. Having an outline has really helped me sooo much especially since I've had a few ideas for later scenes its great to be able to jump ahead and come back.
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So this year I have decided to do scriptfrenzy.  The goal is 100 pages of script in 30 days.  I start tomorrow and I'm really excited. I haven't done a writing competition since Nanowrimo 2008 (which I won *fist pump*) and since I just finished my last quarter of Graduate school (with an awesome GPA *another fist pump*) I'm feeling my Badass mojo is in full effect.  I've been hemming and hahing about getting back into script writing for a bit and decided to just take the plunge and be frenzed.

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First post of the new year. I making this the year of the crazy writer, thus I'm a tasking myelf to be a little crazy, a lot manic and write a whole lot of awesome. I've got my new year's to do list and I'm ready to attack.
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This week I decided my personal theme was going to be time management and I think I've done a good job of being smart with my time and all the goals I set for myself this week in using it effectively.

I'm deep into my 2nd quarter of grad school (well the 2nd week anyway) and I'm still feeling confident. I'm also in the midst of life as a freelance writer/editor, while I hunt down the illusive full-time job. The interesting thing about being in hgrad school and freelancing is that I now live in libraries. The librarians should just give me a cot in the storage closet I'm there so much. It's the best place to go for my school work but also to research articles. The other thing is between school and freelancing I've been doing a ton of writing and that's a good feeling too. The last few years my fiction writing has taken a bit of a back seat to my nonfiction work and the cool thing about now is that I've been able to attack my fiction writing with fresh eyes and its really exciting.

It doesn't really feel like christmas for me this year. I just noticed the other day that someone had lights in their trees outside. I've seen christmas lights and those inflated christmas decorations (although deflated they make a yard look like a war zone) but they haven't really registered to me until I saw the tiny blue lights peeking out of those trees.
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I feel like a slacker for taking this week to not write and recharge my batteries. I know I'm not but time away from the writing process makes me feel like I'm dropping the ball in a big way.

I got and invite to LinkedIn thhis week from a freelancer who I had to do edits for at work. It was a pretty cool thing of her to do and he got me thinking about my own dreams of freelancing and thus achieveing the goal of self-employment. Doing the boss thing only works when you have a cool boss, otherwise torture.

I have decided that I need a Henry Rollins Christmas. I am cruiseing amazon and adding things to my wishlist for people to get me as gifts and am having a blast with it. I am also sharing my dreams of a Henry Rollins Christmas with my best friend. I'm giving her a book called "The First Five" which is a compilation of Henry's earlier writings. It's pretty cool but like a silly I brought a copy of it when I already had one at home. Sometimes all things Henry just blind me like staring into the sun.
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I said I was going to take a week off from writing as a gift to myself for finishing Nano but the rest of me really wants to keep going. its like I have this fear that time away from the words will equal overthinking which will equal a halt in the flow of creative juices. But I'm still kind of fried from Nano. The mind is willing but the flesh is a bit week. So I've decided to go to the one place that kicks my ass on an inspiration level, Henry Rollins.

Part of my celebrations was treating myself to a nice lunch on Sunday and then a book from border. The book I bought is "A Dull Roar" by Henry Rollins. Its journal entries from a 5 month period in 2006 where he and the orginal Rollins band line up got together and did some shows but also his personal commentary on his life and interactions.

This is a man I adore the same way I adore John Barrowman in that they are doing exactly what they want with their lives and are making no apologies. I have this addiction to self-expression that takes a lot of forms and when I see it other people I enjoy it immensely.

Henry is my literary inspiration. Reading his work always puts me in this place of getting to the grit of a thing. Its like someone whispering in my ear, "Cut the crap and write, you know what you want to say" or the coach pumping you up before you go out to play the game and some days I really need that.
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I've been making a bit of progress on my latest short story and I'm really pleased. I have dedicated my lunch hour to eating with one hand and writing with the other.

I've also been able to text scan an old draft from college that I want to give a second look too but the original file was corrupted (thank goodness I'm feral about printing copies). It started out as my hope for a first novel put I had to use it for my senior project because half way through my original project my professor decided that I couldn't do it because of interllectual property issues.

My original project was an anime fanfic but I was lucky enough to get permission from the company that distributed it in the U.S. to do the project with the understanding that the characters weren't mine. I had the e-mail from the lawyer in my hot little hands when I went to my meeting with the professor and I admit, I was feeling a little cocky that I had my bases covered. Then I was sent crashing into flames and needed to be able to hand in 60 pages of story, along with rewriting the first 10 pages from a different point of view by semesters end which was less then two months away.

I would have been fine with the project being vetoed if it had happened at the beginning of the semster (she knew it was a fanfic) but I felt like I was being set up to fail with it happening so close to the end of the semster. Sadly, I had to sacrifice my darling manuscript to finish out my degree since I had a good amount written and I'd spent enought time on it to know the enviroment, plot and my characters pretty well. I tried to go back to it a few times over the years but it carried so much baggage with all the changes I had to make to appease my professor that I couldn't get past it to see the story.

My style and approach to writing have changed since the early days that this draft comes from. My confidence in my writing took a hit from the experienc but I feel like I could resurrect it from the grave that my english professor from hell buried it in all those years ago, then I may reclaim a little something I lost back then. I feel like I owe it to myself to try looking at it again.
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So a few years ago I had this idea, turned into a short story that I liked put felt something was off an wasn't sure what, so I workshopped with the lovely an talented Sci-fi writer A.C Crispin, whos verdict was I was telling more then showing and she wasn't sure how I could fix it. I set it aside and focused on other projects that I was making more headway with.

The first expansion on the idea was to go more indepth and show all the things I was telling in the short piece which would utlimately be a scene in a large vechile, that being a novel. I did some brain storming, wrote some vignettes that were peppered in an outline and I was pleased, mostly. So I tabled it again and when back to other projects (can you tell I love to multi-task) and a week ago it hit me SCREENPLAY! Went back to my notes and those vignettes I wrote and found that everything flows a lot better when I make into script format, I can see the full picture of it in my head more clearly and I'm finally 100% pleased with what I see.

So I'm really happy, I've been looking through my screenwriting books to refresh myself more fully about the process but I'm really excited about how things are coming together.


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