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I would really like to read some John Doe/ The Pretender crossover slash. I mean think about it Jarod and John are the ultimate OTP and they could have a threesome with miss parker or be crossed over with La Femme Nikita and we could have Centre/Section One intruge.

But mainly I want some John Doe/Pretender love and why isn't John Doe available on DVD? or am I missing something?
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Spent a half-hour on the treadmill in the fitness center at work. I did 1.27 miles and burned (according to the onboard computer) 190 calories. Then had nice, healthy lunch. I feel bad-ass!!!

This is my first full week of using the treadmill and I have to say I like it. I can wear my ipod or watch the big tv in the center and just go.

If you been following me on LJ for a the last few entries you've probably noticed that I've been dreaming up the weird little plot bunnies. I'm thinking of writing drabbles to exorcise the things.

The latest on is an AU where Colonel Sheppard is a woman in command of Atlantis.It pretty much goes that same why that we see on the show except Sheppard is painfully aware that Genreal Landry would prefer Colonel Caldwell in the position she works twice has hard to the perfect solider because she feels that not only is caldwell keeping tabs on the SGA but but being a woman in military command she has to work twice has hard to show that she's capable of the job dispite the black mark on her record. It's a story that see with angst and a touch of paranoia but also with moments of girlsheppard finding freedom in her own interests like music and dance but in the privacy of her own quarters.

If it continues to be stuck in my head I think this is one I think I'm really going to have to write.
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Was watching CSI:Miami last night and they had criminals with P-90's and I thinking Stargate: Atlantis/CSI:Miami crossover! Just imagine John surfing, Rodney complaining about sand in odd places, Teyla discovering latin music and Ronon shirtless in bermuda shorts.
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I want a Firefly/SGA crossover fic set after Serenity with the firefly crew in the SGA universe. kaylee and Zelenka can have fun engineering things and I would love to see some Zoe/Ronon. The banter between Jayne and Mckay would be hilarious.


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