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 My Highlander zine collection is small but mighty.  Post Kiscon, which I had a fantastic time at.  I'm going through and making a google sheet of my zine collection.  I'm rediscovering things and I'm building a pile I call "Iowa". 

Some of you may know this but for those of you who don't the University of Iowa has a special collections department that preserves fanzines and other aspects of pre-internet fan culture.  Open Doors at AO3 has more information.  I thought it would be cool to investigate how to donate the more interesting aspects of my fanzine collection to the project. I've enjoyed all my zines but I have selection of them I return to often while others I read them when I first got them and haven't gone back to them.  I love the idea of the zines being given the same respect as other books and journals.  Often the muggles mock fannish things so its lovely when they're given the kind of care that fans put into them.
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I figured this is the year the world ended so I might as well get off of my butt an cosplay. I’ve wanted to cosplay for years but confidence in my sewing skills and never being able to make up my mind about a character/costume have always held me back.

Well I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years working on my sewing skills and my ability to alter and draft patterns and I’m in a place where I’m really happy with the clothes I’m making.

This year I have two cosplay’s planned; Clara from Doctor Who and Ryuko from Kill La Kill.

For Clara this is the waitress outfit she wore in Season 9 episode 12 “Hellbent. The Ryuko look is her street wear look from the series. I figured both would be a good places to start my cosplaying journey. The have easy silohuettes and I have patterns I can use to create the looks I want.

I have a planner that I developed specifically for sewing that includes swatches from my fabric stash with yardage and a listing of my pattern inventory. It’s really helpful when I go to the fabric store so that I don’t pick up duplicate patterns or when I look at patterns I can flip through my stash and see if I have anything I might want to make the pattern with that’s in my current fabric stash.

I find that with sewing projects there are certain prep steps that make a project go a lot smoother me and I’ll like the outcome of the garment if I do them from the outset. I’ve been really happen with my last couple of garments since I got my new iron. It steams better and has more surface area so I get a really good press on my seams.

I’ve found some great resources to help me in preparing and planning my cosplays here are the links for anyone who might be interested.

Cosplay 101: Budgeting For cosplay
A great video that talks about the early planning of cosplay. Mangosirene’s whole Cosplay 101 series is really interesting

Is an app that can help you plan your cosplay by storing reference pictures, keeping lists for the cosplay you can check of as you finish parts of the costume.

Cosplay Planning Project sheets
From for those who like physical planners. I found pages 3 and 4 of the PDF the most useful in my planner.
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I’ve always wanted to be an old book lady. I had the dream of having 5,000 books in my house when I die. When I moved out on my own floor to ceiling height was the most important thing to me about a living space because of bookcase. I watch home improvement shows and I weep when the interior designers rip out built-in bookcases. I recently learned from my mother that the one of the larger Barnes & Nobles in my state will be closing. She was talking about this with the ladies at an art day retreat group she was at and they were wondering “don’t people read anymore”. When my mom was telling me this she was nodding her head in agreement and saying “most people are glued to their tablets now”. But that’s only part of the answer when you think about it.

“Physical books are a luxury,” I said. When you have a generation of people who got out college and hand to either move back home or a roommate situation with 2,3,4, or 5 people if they got in a house share; space is a premium. If you love to read, eBooks are you friend because a smart buy of a e-reader/tablet with good storage and you can have hundreds of books in a tiny space and buying them doesn’t require you going into a physical store to purchase them. If your housing situation isn’t the most stable you don’t have to worry about packing your library if it’s mostly electronic.

It was having this conversation I realized how much of a luxury my book dream is. Granted is has changed shape over the years to focus on quality and not quantity in my physical library. But I’ve tried to turn my dream in to a way to give back to my community by donating books to the library so others might enjoy them also.
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I'm making an effort to declutter my library and make it more of a library/maker space and I realized I have a lot of fanzines. I need to do a complete inventory of them and have a sale. I have a huge amount of sentinel and K/S zines but I have a some in other fandoms like Smallville, Due South and Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. But the number I have I taking up a lot ofspace and there are only a few that I reread because I enjoyed them so much.
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So back in August the supply line of my upstairs bathroom broke and caused a flood that did some damage. The end result was my redoing the flooring of the first floor of my house pulling up the carpet and having to redrywall the kitchen ceiling. Insurance didn't pay out nearly as much as I had hoped but I know my way around drywall and joint compond like you wouldn't believe.

As a result of replacing the floor I got rid of my old couch, this weekend I got a new one along with an oven and over the range microwave from sears. The oven died two weeks ago. It's llike it could sense my income tax return check on the horizon. Even with me looking up what I wanted before going to the stores warranties, removal fees permits and delivery fees add up. I'm happy with my choices I just have this adversion to spending so much at one time.

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Apr. 7th, 2017 09:12 pm
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One of the things that I realized in making the move to dreamwidth is that the reason that I hadn't been blogging much was because I became annoyed with the LIvejournal as a platform. I have Tumblr and with the tumblr app its quick an easy to do quick posts and include pictures. Mostly I'm on tumblr to fuel my shameless hockey addiction (Dallas Stars Baby!) and love of art.

I'm going to use this move as a springboard to journal more. I have cosplays planned for this year and other sewing projects in the works that I want to take pictures of and post.
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The number off people who were prepared for this didn't suprise me. What did surprise me is the form the crazy took. So who will I be seeing on dreamwidth?
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My mom just called me at work to tell me Leonard nimoy died. I'm so sad right now.

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tumblr ugh

Dec. 4th, 2014 09:50 pm
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ok why is everybody on tumblr so butthurt about everything all the time. it's like no matter what's happening in the world something is wrong with it. I mean I get really annoyed with people being all up in their feelings about this that or the other thing and make it like its such a big production were outside in the physical world its nothing at all.

And I'm not talking about current events stuff or things like in the news I'm talking more in the vein of things happening in fandom;why somebody doesn't like this actor or something like that and the quote unquote receipts to prove the point don't because the thing that made someone mad was actually taken completely out of context.

Its just so frustrating. I've started being really selective about where i go on tumblr just to avoid feeling like this.

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So the new Terminator trailer is out and Marvel just announced Benedict cumberbatch as Dr. Strange. I like BC's acting so I'm excited to what he's going to bring to the marvel universe. And the new terminator trailer is SICK. I love the robot apocalypse.

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I'm not going to spoil the episode for anybody but even with the latest twist that was on tonight I am still not pleased.

we've had better build up in past seasons.

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I don't know about anybody else but I've been a little disappointed with Dr Who this season. I mean Peter Capaldi is a really great actor and I like Jenna Coleman but they seem to really under used this season and its getting on my nerves.

in fact it feels like Clara's character is completely different from what it was last season and they we're supposed to be going into a finale and it's like we haven't done anything of substance this season and our mystery villain woman at the end of the episode for like 50 seconds doesn't count at all.

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Watching Man from U.N.C.L.E. I've been waiting for this for ages. New fandowm ssquare.

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There's an LA Times article that talks about how Hello Kitty isn't a cat. i know i'm a diehard hello kitty fan but did people really not know she wasn't considered a cat. Her name is kitty white and she's a british 3rd grader. maybe i'm just so uber deep into hello kitty that I thought this was common knowledge. people are going apeshit over this news.

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are you ready? who out there is attending?

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Patience - the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.


Trying new things is fun and healthy. I'm not going to get something right on the first try and that's okay. Getting angry or annoyed doesn't help me learn and it takes away from enjoying the process. Patients is an important part of trying new things; it helps me to accept and embrace the things I don't know.
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I'm starting a new thing in July that I'm calling positive word of the day. the idea is that each day for the month I'm going to find and write down a word an the definition that has positive connotations, then journal on how I can implement those ideals into my life/creativity.

I'm in creative funk and life has been pretty blah so I think some self reflection in a intereting way may help me get out my life/creativity rut.

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No spoilers but wow, I didn't see that coming.

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once again my mother is on a campaign for me to write the great american porno novel. you read that right. she's been on this thing for years that i need to write a really smutty book, make a lot of money and buy her a house with a round hobbit door. she believe's i'm a better writer then alot of what gets published and she's been on hounding about writing epic porn now more then ever since 50 shades came out.

But yesterday she discover monster porn. there an article in the daily mail about Virginia Wade and he "Cum for Bigfoot" series (it is what it sounds like) and now her argument has changed to;

mom: write porn with fairies
me: that's actually been done
mom: . . breakout your mythology books and find something else. i want a hobbit door and maybe a pool boy!

yeah, that's my mom.

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HIGHLANDER ON BBCAmerica !!! Right Now! *squee*

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