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I have a tumblr for my writing life.  Basically its the place where my CV, samples and links to some of my online articles hang out.  It was really quick and easy to set up the look I wanted and go live.  My one fannish thing on my dashboard was lettiebobettie dealer of the righteous Dean/Castiel fanart love; at least until I met marielikestodraw's Sherlock and Avengers fanart.  I hoping to start posting pictures in the near future. I like photography and I want to get back into it. I figure income tax return time is the perfect time to get a new camera/camera phone, haven't decided which one would be better.  I'm thinking about taking the iphone plunge. I've seen quite a few videos made with iphones that are really good quality as well as a few still pictures.

Who else has a tumblr?  I'm not getting the most mileage out of mine yet so I'd like to hear about other people's experience, maybe have a few new people to follow, hint, hint.

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Took mom out for mother's day  and I gave her a mother's day card that plays the theme from Star Wars. Being the scifi nut that she is (I get it honest) she really loved it.  Then we went to see Star Trek.  OMG was it good. I know there will be fanfic, I just know it. I'm not doing any spoilery details because I really suck at lj-cuts and I wouldn't want to rain on anyone's parade but it was really good and had some nice surprises.  The only reason why I waited to see it was for my mom and she's not up to midnight showings on opening day like we did for the last 2 Star Trek movies (she's not old but her knee's been acting up so).  There are only a few more movies on the summer movie list we have to see:

X-men Origins: Wolverine
Star Trek
Terminator: Salvation
The Transformers 2
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra
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Check out the video I made on

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I spent time over my best friends house and met up with her 8 year old daughter. I met violet the fish, pete the snail (who's not pregnant again) and snowflake the cat. I was party to drive by hugs, asked to spend the night, impromptu dance recitals and duets of jingle bells and coloring. Then there were was the brief guitar playing as well as her playing me the opening bars to "Seven Nation Army" and gifted with candy canes and hugged 3 more times on my way out the door. It was fun an exhausting and I have never slept so well in like forever.

That could be the new work craze, "Try keeping up with an 8 year old". The routine would involve randomly dancing around, coloring books and crayons ad hey through in some air guitar. You'd be having fun and it wouldn"t feel like work.


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