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I've decided I want to have the discipline of an athlete. This all started because its cold an I want things to eat that are warm and filling. That usually equals comfort food. This week has been very carby based and I'm not happy about it. That is mainly because my usual fare isn't staying with me any length of time an the carby things do. I love fruit for breakfast because its tasty and quick but its cold and not as filling as of late.

I've decided to make a plan for next week, since I go grocery shopping on the weekend, to have meals that are warm, filling and are not insanely high in calories or fat. I also figure it'll be a good chance to fine tune my walking routine. I mentioned before how I don't like the treadmill but its an necessary evil and that I would rather go for a walk outside. Well, I'm going to learn to love the treadmill, to embrace it fully in my bosom and let its benefits rain down on me.

I have an idea for a walking routine with resistance band work thrown in that I can elevate slowly. The one thing I don't like about cold months is how hermit like I get. I found out I lost 3 pounds over the holidays and I really don't want to gain it or anymore weight because its cold and I really, really would rather stay in bed under the electric blanket with my cat all day. I figure if I treat it like I'm training for something, like a walkathon in spring or early summer I may stick to my objectives better.
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There is freezing rain outside and I'm still sore form working out yesterday. Yesterday, now there was a nice day. I took a good long brisk paced walk for an hour outside and just enjoyed myself. I was going to treadmill today but my legs are sore so I figure I'll do some upper body work and maybe floor exercises and see how that pans out.

I'm doing a week of "You are what you eat" recipes with my mother right now. She watches the show on BBCA and really likes the dishes Dr. Gillian comes up with. So mom brought cookbooks with the recipes and one has a 7 day plan in it that she wanted to try. I agreed to be her food buddy. Anything that encourages my mom to be active & healthy I want to support. The stuff is very veggie and tasty so it's not a chore to eat. We decided to do shopping for the first 3 days of the plan to see how we like it since we already had a good amount of food in our fridges.
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In my efforts to stick it to the man I decided to walk to the train on friday despite the fact that it was raining. I'm now regreting that decision as yes I did get the exeercise I wanted in and saved money on gas; However, I am now fighting a cold that is trying to invade my system. But I am determined to press onward.

For the past 2 months I've been really getting it together as far as eating better and getting exercise and I'm seeing the results of itwhich just makes me more enthused about what I'm doing. The cake fairy hasn't even been to my office in the last week.
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I'm sticking it to THE MAN! How you ask? By walking. Rising gas prices worry and so are the rising prices in food. So to combat the gas costs I've decide to walk to commuter train station instead of drive there. I ride the MARC train daily into downtown to catch the subway to work. The MARC station is a 30 minute walk from my house and I figure walking to the station will get me in shape and save me money. Money which I can but away for a rainy day (it feels like there will be a lot of those on the horizon). Today was the first day of walking to the station and I made good time and got to work 15 minutes early.

I've been on the treadmill and walking in the nearby park at lunch time and counting my steps with a pedometer pretty consistently for the last month and the one thing I noticed lately is a constant soreness in the froni part of my lower legs. I figure its because I haven't been wearing the right tennis shoes everytime I go on long walks and not stretching. I've been working on it because I don't want to accidently injure myself.

On a side note has anyone checked out the latest issue of Time Magazine? The headline is "There can be only one" with a split picture of hillary & obama. My first thought was Time magazine editors watch Highlander? and the second was of Hillary and Obama battling it out with swords for the prize. If you think about it though the presidential race does have some strong HIghlander parallels.


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