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I've been having a Numb3rs marathon this weekend. I didn't watch this show a lot when it was on the air because it crossed another show I liked but goodness this marathon is reminding me of how much I love David Krumholtz as an actor.

I love smart casting on shows and awesome female characterization and this show has both in spades. I also love it when a genius/academic character who has a lot of techy lines is played by an actor with a really good voice; it makes it so much easier for you to intake everything the actor says in a scene.
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Shoreleave, shoreleave,
Hangin' with my peeps at shoreleave
Shoreleave, shoreleave,
Gonna have fannish fun

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Saw the movie, loved the movie. There are so many tasty treats of goodness. I AM WELL AND TRULY JOSSED!!

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Here is the clip I mentioned in my previous post.

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I watched the new avengers clip on youtube ON MY PHONE!!! The picture quality and sound were fantastic.

The clip itself was really great too. Natasha being bad ass and coulson, unfff is voice is amazing. I am posting a link first chance i get. I'm a coulson/barton shipper so this clip gave me and lot of avenger fangirls all sorts of feelings. This movie is going to be so epic.

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Can a trailer be sexy?  Yes it can when it has hot superheroes and cool tech.  If you haven't feasted your eyes on the new Avengers trailer that came out yesterday you really should.  The almight guh!! of this thing is making my inner fangirl shiver in anticipation. 

First there is the pimptastic Loki.  Then there is Captain America's ass lovingly encased in sweat pants.  And the icing on the sexy cake Stark Tower and  TONY MOTHERFUCKING STARK. The shedding of the Iron Man suit, the pimp stroll into that epic penthouse that is porny goodness I tell you, porny goodness.

My plan is to have a nice Marvel movie marathon with both Iron Man & Incredible Hulk movies with a healthy side of Thor and Captain America.  I'm already overloading on comics and fanfic.  I love it when trailers are epic .

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Well shore leave is over. *cries* It's always a great time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. The thing about Shore leave it's concentrated fun where you laugh so hard her face hurts.

I also hit a lot of really cool writing workshops held by some cool authors. It was really inspiring. Not to mention all the cool artists, authors and actors you get to met. I got to chit chat with Cliff Simon and say hi with Christopher Judge a few times (he actually remembered me from a few years ago *awesomeness*).

I wish everyday could be as kickass as the great time I just had.
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I want some Battlestar Galatica like now. I've been teased with the prospect of Leoben/Kara goodness all week and now I need gratification. Not to mention Doctor Who (David Tennant is one hot skinny little man).

Its free scoops of ice cream day at work and even though I had a light lunch and can squeeze in a scoop without messing up my carefully crafted diet plans. I'm going to be good.


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